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Tyndall NCOA at Maxwell-Gunter AFB Reporting Instructions

1. Welcome to the Tyndall NCOA class conducted at the AFSNCOA on Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL. The course dates are 26 Nov 2018 to 21 Dec 2018. You are in for an exciting experience with sister service, coalition partners, DoD senior leaders, and other professionals who are focused on your continuous professional development.

2. Please take the following actions upon notification of attendance by your formal training office:

Please print and fill out the Student Information Worksheet. You will turn in your filled out Student Information Worksheet to your Instructor first thing on Day of Education 1.

3. Visit the Air University Portal. Ensure you have an account created and up-to-date on the AU Portal at least one week prior to class start date. Failure to create/update your AU Portal account in accordance with the following instructions before you arrive for class may delay your access to the course material and limit your ability to submit assignments until the AU Portal updates are resolved. Please take time to ensure your personal contact, and official/work contact information are completely filled out. Ensure both the Current Contact Information Email and the Official/Work Contact Base Email are the same email address. Use the email address you would like to receive course notifications to (most students prefer their personal email address). If the email addresses do not match in AU Portal, it may delay access to your Blackboard account and you will not be able to view the course material until it is resolved. You are not required to do anything in regards to your Blackboard account. Access to Blackboard will be explained on Day of Education 1. 

4. All required rooms are blocked off in advance by the lodging office and students are not required to contact the University Inn reception desk on Gunter Annex to place a credit card on file.  Upon arrival, check-in at the University Inn reception desk in Bldg 1017. A student roster will be at the reception desk with your assigned flight room information.  All students must check-in at the Gunter Annex lodging desk. Since the rooms are blocked off in advance, DTS may show rooms unavailable and issue a non-availability letter; however, rooms will be available and students must check-in at the Gunter Annex lodging desk. AETC TTS will not accept the DTS non-availability letter when you file your travel voucher so failing to check-in at the Gunter Lodging front desk may result in out-of pocket lodging expenses. If for some reason rooms are not available (maintenance, renovations, higher priority reservations, etc.), the lodging desk will work to secure you a room at a government contracted hotel and issue you a valid non-availability letter.

5. Orientation day show time:  All students have a show time for the first official day of class, 26 Nov 2018, for initial orientation at 0700. Students will report to their Flight in long sleeve blue shirt, with tie/tab and all accoutrements. Your Flight will be identified on the roster at the lodging front desk.

6. Students are highly encouraged to bring a government laptop computer from their home unit or a personal laptop/tablet (at your own expense). Course materials will be provided via our online learning management system (Blackboard). Adobe Reader or equivalent will provide the ability to highlight, and insert notes and comments. To alleviate the majority of issues with Blackboard, ensure the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox and Java are also downloaded on laptop or notebook. You will be required to write a handful of essay style papers while at NCOA, it is advised that you have access to a keyboard or other means to accomplish this.

7. Classrooms and billeting are equipped with WI-FI (Non .mil address). If bringing a government laptop, ensure the computer has a “stand alone” configuration, VPN is operational, and Wi-Fi feature is on. AFSNCOA admin/communications personnel are not authorized to access your government laptop for configurations/repairs.

8. There will be a class mixer and the dress attire will be Smart Casual.

550 McDonald Street
Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3107

Course Schedule

Class Start Graduate
 19D  1 May 19 6 Jun 19
 19E 8 Jul 19 9 Aug 19
 19F 22 Aug 19 27 Sep 19
20A 15 Oct 19 19 Nov 19
20B 9 Jan 20 13 Feb 20
20C 5 Mar 20 8 Apr 20

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