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21E Student COVID SOPs

21E Student COVID SOPs

    • Your instructor will be reaching out to you prior to class start
    • Read reporting instructions and orientation located here
    • Attend pre-arrival virtual Microsoft Teams meeting to receive rules of engagement in COVID environment and opportunity to ask specific questions (your instructor will contact you to provide information on this meeting prior to class start)
    • Send travel itinerary (est. arrival time), to your instructor
    • Recommend 10-day self-quarantine prior to departure/travel date (at your home)
    • Complete COVID questionnaire located here and email to your flight instructor
    • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days please provide documentation detailing date tested to your primary flight instructor (Tricare online screenshot is fine). You will not be required to test upon arrival
    • Report to Air University Inn on Gunter Annex
      • Students must arrive no later than 1700 on 21 April to attend one of the several rolling orientation briefings we will be giving that day, beginning in the lobby; coordinate unexpected itinerary changes with your instructor
      • Lodging will be assigned based upon specific flight
      • Academy staff will meet and brief students at lodging on specific SOPs and schoolhouse entrance for DOE 1 based on flight/school
    • All U.S. military members, CONUS and OCONUS, will follow the same Restriction of Movement (ROM) guidelines
    • Members restricted to Gunter Annex
      • Utilize AAFES/DECA/other dining options
        • Food delivery permitted  
      • No visitors authorized on or off base (not even spouses)
    • Base Resources:
      • Refer to www.Lifeatthemax.us for specific resource rules
      • Comply with all rules/procedures when utilizing those resources
    • After 7 days and no positive COVID results
      • Members allowed off-base for the following low risk activities
        • Obtaining sustenance (take-out only) 
        • Low risk: hiking, golfing, biking or like physical fitness activities
      • Members will not gather at restaurants, clubs, bars or attend any large gathering
    • Mask wearing:
      • At all times in bldg. 1143 (the schoolhouse) or outside of dorm room. Bring enough masks for you to wear all-day, everyday in the building.
      • Exception: during outdoor activities.
    • ​Social distancing:  Maintain a minimum of 3-foot distancing during academic settings only i.e. auditorium, group projects, PT, etc.
    • Hygiene Efforts:
      • Frequently sanitize/wash hands (flight room arrival/departure)
      • Sanitize contacted surfaces (before/after use)
      • Avoid unnecessary contact of high contact surfaces
      • Water fountains taped off, students will only use bottle-fill fountains
  • Symptom monitoring:
    • Flight leader performs daily symptom evaluation and temperature check
    • Report COVID symptom(s) to instructor/flight leader prior to reporting
    • If feeling sick, contact your flight instructor and await release by medical representative
  • COVID Testing:
    • Mandatory COVID test upon arrival (Unless you have a confirmed positive COVID test within the last 90 days)
      • Commandants may further restrict student movement on Gunter Annex based upon these results

550 McDonald Street
Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3107