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  • The PLA Hopes B-21 Will Follow in B-2’s Footsteps

    The B-21 was unveiled to the public on December 2, 2022. In the following two months several assessments of the B-21 were published in the media of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Almost all the articles avoided assessing the capabilities of the B-21

  • ITOW: Language Confrontation in Cognitive Domain Operations

         The “In Their Own Words” series is dedicated to translations of Chinese documents in order to help non-Mandarin speaking audiences access and understand Chinese thinking. CASI would like to thank all of those involved in this effort.     In the “In Their Own Words” series, CASI and its

  • PRC Defense S&T Key Lab Directory

    The following directory is Part Two of The PRC State & Defense Laboratory System, a report released by the China Aerospace Studies Institute and BluePath Labs in April 2022. Part One of the report, entitled "The PRC State & Defense Laboratory System: An Overview", described the general structure and

  • PLA Air Force Expands Fourth-Generation Transition Training to Another Academy

    Late in December 2022 the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) indicated that the training of pilots transitioning from trainers to fourth-generation fighters has expanded to another of the PLA Air Force’s (PLAAF) flight academies. Consequently, two of the PLAAF’s three flight academies are now conducting

  • In Their Own Words: China's Aerospace Security Strategic Concept

    According to the idea of defining concepts, analyzing the situation, determining goals and achieving goals, this book involves the basic issues involved in China's aerospace security strategy, including the core concepts of the national aerospace security strategy, the strategic situation facing

  • How China Wins the Cognitive Domain

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes the cognitive domain is imperative to achieve victory in any conflict. While kinetic attacks have a specific physical target, in the cognitive domain the target is the mind. In conflict, great physical damage can be achieved, but if the adversary still has

  • CSAF Announces CASI Toolkit for China

    Leaders,Understanding China is the pacing challenge as articulated in the National Defense Strategy, we must accelerate learning across the Air Force to stay ahead of the pace.  To ensure all Airmen understand China, the Chinese Communist Party, and the People's Liberation Army, their organization,

  • An Exploratory Analysis of the Chinese Hypersonics Research Landscape

    According to reports, China conducted tests of hypersonic glide vehicles in July and August 2021, which Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley described as “concerning.”1 China’s hypersonic weapons program has drawn significant global attention and research interests in recent years.

  • CASI Webinar on the CCP's 20th Party Congress

    CASI will hold its next Webinar on Wednesday, 7 Dec, at 13:00 Eastern Time via ZOOMGov. This iteration will be an in-depth look at the recent 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.  

  • The Centralization of the PLA Air Force’s Basic and Technical Training

    Initial entry training is a major undertaking for any armed force, but China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force (PLAAF) faces a unique set of challenges based on its enlisted force’s large size, relatively short service commitments, and high proportion of technical requirements. Although the

  • PLA Rocket Force Organization

          The PLA Rocket Force (PLARF), formerly known as the PLA 2nd Artillery Force (PLASAF) until 2016, is responsible for the PLA’s land-based nuclear and conventional ballistic missiles. The Second Artillery Force was officially established in 1966 and given command of China’s small inventory of

  • ITOW: Research on Port Landing Operations

    "In Their Own Words" are translations from Chinese source documents In Their Own Words The “In Their Own Words” series is dedicated to translations of Chinese documents in order to help non-Mandarin speaking audiences access and understand Chinese thinking. CASI would like to thank all of those

  • Effective Control

    Effectively deterring China or, in the case of a conflict, successfully bringing the conflict to a close will require deep understanding of China’s approach to and priorities in conflict. A term with evolving significance for these issues is “effective control” [有效控制], a concept most prominently

  • Competition with China: Chinese views on Deterrence

    This video is part of CASI's "Competition with China" series. In this video, Colonel Kyle Marcum discusses China's views on deterrence. We need to understand how the Chinese think about deterrence, how they might plan to deter us, how they think we might try to deter them, and how they might react

  • China- The Challenge

    Dr. Brendan Mulvaney, the Director of China Aerospace Studies Institute talks about the challenge the United States faces in regard to China at Air University, July 15, 2022. Mulvaney described that the only real threat to U.S. leadership and global interests around the world is the People's

  • China’s Space Situational Awareness Capabilities For Beyond GEO

    This paper reviews the publicly available information on China’s existing and planned ground and space-based systems for its beyond geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) missions.  This paper assumes that the PRC, like the U.S., has not needed a well optimized system for discovering, tracking, and

  • Chinese military thinking on orbits beyond GEO

    Written by CASI's Kristin Burke, originally published in The Space Review, available at: https://www.thespacereview.com/article/4387/1It is impossible to unlink the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) military perspective on orbits beyond the geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) from the US and former

  • Xi Jinping: Lines of Authority

         Xi Jinping is the undisputed top leader of China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Chinese media. He regularly appears on the front pages of Chinese newspapers, has phone applications dedicated to “Xi Jinping Thought,” has dedicated sections for his speeches present on many Chinese