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Instructor/Support Staff Opening!

Want to work for the "think and do tank" of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) and the Chief of Space Operations (CSO)? The Center for Strategy and Technology's Blue Horizons program is looking for a senior O-3 or a young O-4 Instructor/Support Staff hybrid starting summer of '21 at Maxwell AFB. The Blue Horizons Fellowship this position supports is a selected mix of 14 Majors and Lt Cols who prototype solutions over a 10 month period in response to a challenge from the CSAF (and outbrief the CSAF and CSO on the results!). Their projects often transition into programs all over the DoD with strategic impact (or "fail" and provide us valuable insights or start a conversation). The graduates are then strategically placed to provide maximum use of their new skills. 

The Instructor/Support staff position is either teaching and advising those teams in design thinking, ideation, and pitching while doing everything and anything else the program needs alongside its PhDs and O-6s. It's a program we're constantly reinventing, and if you want a log of freedom to make an impact at the strategic level then this might be a great opportunity for you. 

If this interests you, please email Maj Loren Faire at loren.faire@us.af.mil to learn more.