• Published
  • By Master Sgt. Shelly Stark
  • 183d Wing
The 183d Wing, Illinois Air National Guard, conducted a comprehensive military readiness exercise, Exercise HYDRA STRIKE, May 8-12, 2024. Exercise HYDRA STRIKE put the unit's capabilities to the test by simulating Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) threats, requiring personnel to don full Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) gear.
During Exercise HYDRA STRIKE, the 183d Wing faced simulated CBRN attacks on their location. Ground burst simulators were employed to mimic the effects of such attacks, challenging the unit's ability to respond swiftly and effectively. Airmen had to demonstrate proficiency while in MOPP gear, which provides critical protection against CBRN agents.
The Exercise tested the 183d Wing's capability to maintain operations under hostile conditions. Scenarios involved responding to simulated threats at their Main Operating Base (MOB) and subsequently relocating to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) while continuing mission-essential tasks. This comprehensive evaluation ensured the unit's preparedness for real-world contingencies.
A crucial aspect of Exercise HYDRA STRIKE involved Post-Attack Reconnaissance Teams (PARTs) assessing threat levels and gathering intelligence following simulated attacks. These specialized teams played a vital role in evaluating the situation and informing subsequent actions, further enhancing the unit's overall readiness posture.
By conducting exercises like HYDRA STRIKE, the 183d Wing demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a high level of operational readiness. Realistic CBRN scenarios and the use of ground burst simulators provide invaluable training opportunities, ensuring the unit's ability to respond effectively to a wide range of threats.
HYDRA STRIKE is the culmination of two years of training and the final exercise in a four part series of gradually more intense natures to ensure Airmen are prepared and mission ready regardless of the situation. The previous exercises included HYDRA COIL, HYDRA STING, and HYDRA BITE.