The Deterrence Research Knowledge Center

The Deterrence Research Knowledge Center is a collaborative effort headed by Air University and supported by Air Force Global Strike Command, Headquarters Air Force A10, Air Force Institute of Technology, Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Air Force Academy. Its mission is to provide a timely source of contemporary research products and access to Air Force education classes and courses that support the continued development of strategic deterrence thought within the national security community.

Research Products

The DRKC offers a starting point to identify existing research efforts both within and without the Air Force that address strategic deterrence and assurance issues, both nuclear and non-nuclear. This collection will identify the state of contemporary deterrence thought and guide Air Force education and research agencies towards existing data gaps, allowing the national security community to analyze and develop deterrence research that addresses operationally-relevant policy issues.

Classes and Courses

To enhance the development of Airmen in the areas of strategic deterrence and assurance theory and practice, this catalogue offers a listing of available education and training courses available to military and civilian employees of the U.S. Air Force. These courses prepare Air Force leaders to use their knowledge and experience to support the national leadership in twenty-first century deterrence policy and operations.


The DRKC is directly supported by the Air University, Air Force Academy, Air Force Global Strike Command, A10 Air Staff, U.S. Air Force Europe, and Air Force Research Laboratory.

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