Trinity Site Papers

  • Published
  • Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

These papers are written by students and faculty assigned to the Air University and military defense analysts within the Air Force Counter-WMD Community of Practice. The purpose of these papers is to provide useful ideas and independent analysis of issues of current or potential importance to the Air Force Secretariat and Air Staff.  

PDF Icon    1. Countering WMD: AF Roles and Responsibilities   
PDF Icon    2. Discarding the Cold War WMD Construct   
PDF Icon    3. The Role of the Long-Range Strategic Bomber   
PDF Icon    4. Enhancing Air Interdiction of WMD   
PDF Icon    5. Nuclear Hell on Wheels: Examining the Need for a Mobile ICBM   
PDF Icon    6. Ensuring Strategic Stability in the Second Nuclear Age   
PDF Icon    7. Chemical Biological-Capable RPA Threats and National Security Implications   
PDF Icon    8. Bomber Assurance and Deterrence Missions: Effect on North Korean Discourse   
PDF Icon    9. Assessing The Uncertainty Of Nuclear Deterrence   
PDF Icon   10. Defining a Class of Offensive Destructive Cyber Weapons As Weapons of Mass Destruction: An Examination of the Merits   
PDF Icon  11. South Korean Efforts to Counter North Korean Aggression   
PDF Icon  12. Don’t Be Caught In the Dark: Examining Deterrence Options for a High Attitude Electromagnetic Pulse Limited Nuclear Attack   
PDF Icon   13. U.S. Air Force Posture: Impacts to Japanese Assurance in the Indo-PACOM AOR
PDF Icon   14. Credibility of U.S. Deterrence in the Baltic States After Crimea’s Annexation
PDF Icon   15. Addressing Biological Threats in the DOD CB Defense Program
PDF Icon   16. Invisible Stop Signs: The Impact of Secrecy on Deterrence
 PDF Icon  17. Rose-Colored Glasses: How Western Mirroring Could Result in Inadvertent Nuclear War with Russia