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International Honor Roll

The International Honor Roll (IHR) is a prestigious tribute to international alumni of the Air University who have attained the status of Air Force Chief of Staff or other prominent positions in either a military or civilian capacity.  The Air University, in coordination with the Under Secretary of the Air Force, Office of International Affairs (SAF/IA), hosts the IHR Induction Ceremony at Maxwell AFB to recognize those officers who have most recently achieved a distinguished position in their military.  

IHR was an initiative of the Vice Chief of Staff of the USAF, General John L. Piotrowski, in 1985, and was designed by the International Officer School to facilitate senior-leader military engagement with international partners and build upon global alliances.  IHR was dedicated in February 1988 by the Secretary of the Air Force, Edward "Pete" C. Aldridge Jr.  Any qualified international alumni who had ever attended select Air University courses since the first allied officer students in 1946 were inducted.  Every inductee's name and their highest position held is permanently inscribed on a plaque in the dedicated IHR room, located at the International Officer School. 

Attendance at any of the following in-resident Air University courses is the first qualifying factor for consideration for induction: Squadron Officer School, Air Command and Staff College, Air War College, and/or the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. 

International Officer School Patch
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