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River Region Ambassadors


Alabama Goodwill Ambassadors (AGAs) are volunteers who assist international officers and their families who are attending various schools at the Air University on Maxwell AFB. AGAs serve as River Region Ambassadors to welcome international officers and families to the local area, help with acculturation through the family orientation programs, teach beginner's English, and participate in or lead various activity groups (cooking, dancing, crafts, trips/tours, etc.). AGAs ease families' transitions into the local community and, through friendship, make our international guests feel welcome, foster international relations, and create a lasting, positive impression of our nation and citizens.

Get involved and become a River Region Ambassador. River Region Ambassadors assist our international officers in getting to know American people and how they live; they may invite international officers into their homes and may take them on trips to sporting events, etc.

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Note: Military sponsors must be O-3 and above.



International Officer School Patch
120 S. Mitchell Street
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112