Officer Training School (OTS) – Instructor (81C0)

VisionThe premier leader-development institution within the Profession of Arms.

Mission: Building Total Force Leaders committed to our oath, values and creed.

Location: Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6426  (Multiple Positions)

Tour Length:  3 years

Description:  Instructs Officer Trainee Flights comprised of Officer candidates supporting all DAF career fields and backgrounds.  Evaluates individual potential, attitudes, training performance, character and determines overall aptitude for commissioned service.  Supervises commissioning training and conducts professional instruction for academic, military, and physical training courses focused on DAF Core Values, Warrior Ethos, and Officer Training School syllabus requirements. Maintains a record of student progress and evaluates all phases of student mission accomplishment. Develops training policies involving discipline, military training, administration, and academic progress. Conducts squadron and individual flight inspections, and monitors student welfare. Implements programs to resolve personal adjustment problems, provides student mentoring, coaching and guidance, and implements higher headquarters' directives and policies. Analyzes individual deficiencies, conducts remedial training, and directs faculty board action for students lacking aptitude for commissioned service.  Leadership and developmental opportunities for all Ranks/AFSCs in: Instructor Supervisor/Evaluator, Flight Command, Chief of Programs, Evaluations and Training, Chief of Scheduling, Assistant Director of Operations, Director of Operations and Director of Staff.

Eligibility:  Prior-Enlisted Lieutenants [USAF/USSF], Captains [USAF/USSF], Majors [USAF/USSF], Lieutenant Colonels [USAF/USSF].  Must be able to accomplish all phases of the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment and not have any PFA failures within the last 3 years.

Clearance:  N/A


POC:  DSN 493-4605, Comm 334-953-4605

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