AFROTC - Detachment Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies (81D0)

Locations: See MyPers for locations and projected openings

Tour Length: 3 years – The complexities of AFROTC detachment command, to include leading a team separated from typical Air Force infrastructure while fostering partnerships with university officials, produce a steep learning curve. The first year of assignment is necessary for development to become fully productive in the second and third years. Keeping detachment commanders in place for three years is imperative to building relationships, providing continuity, and stabilizing the AFROTC mission.

Description: Commands, leads, directs and manages an AFROTC unit that administers a college-level officer training program. Serves as senior Air Force officer at a geographically-separated unit responsible for preparing young men and women to be commissioned officers in the United States Air and Space Forces. Chairs Department of Aerospace Studies with university status of full professor and coordinates program with other university faculty members. Instructs a curriculum covering Foundations of the USAF, USAF History, Leadership, and National Security Affairs. Responsible to AFROTC/CC for 24/7 safety, security and welfare of cadets and training facilities on civilian academic institution campus. The needs of the Air Force come first in detachment assignment; however, preferred location/alma mater will be considered during the assignment process.

Eligibility: Pinned-on Lieutenant Colonel [USAF only] (no Majors will be accepted). Master’s degree required. No Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures within the past two years. Member must have scored an 80 or above on their last PFA and completed all components of the PFA within the past 12 months. Nominees should have not have information in the Automated Military Justice Analysis and Management System that would raise concerns in placing the individual in a sensitive position of trust. Previous Squadron Command experience desired.

Clearance: Secret


POC: DSN 493-9673, Comm 334-953-9673

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