HQ AFROTC – Chief, Standardization, Evaluation, And Training (82A0)

Location: Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Tour Length: 3 years

Description: Leads MAJCOM IG detachment assessments for AFROTC, evaluating mission effectiveness, culture, compliance, and safety directives. Directs development/execution of instructor evaluation program to ensure standard training across 145 detachments. Advisor to AFROTC/CC on standardization/evaluation and policy issues. Develops, implements and enforces AFROTC directives. Coordinates on training standards and provides analytics to AFROTC/CC on deficiencies in cadre training. Provides evaluative critique on program execution and makes recommendations for improvement. Establishes policies and procedures for detachment self-inspection and evaluates the effectiveness of each unit’s programs. Ensures follow-on training is conducted as needed.

Eligibility: Major [USAF only]; AFROTC detachment experience required. No Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures within the past two years.

Clearance: Secret

Website: https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Holm-Center/AFROTC/

POC: DSN 493-9673, Comm 334-953-9673

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