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OBJECTIVE: Prepare Service Chief-selected general officers from all four Services and International Services for theater-level combined force air combat leadership. It is tailored to provide our future CFACCs with a broad perspective of the operational level of war.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Approximately 18 one- and two-star officers in the following mix: 1 Army, 2 Navy, 2 Marine Corps, 5 Air Force and 8 International general/flag officers, though numbers may vary.


  • Seven day course offered one time per year in residence.
  • Owned by the four Service Chiefs. Course development and execution delegated to Service executive agents: the Commandant, Army War College; President, Naval War College; President, Marine Corps University; and the Commander, Air University.
  • Present course modeled after the Joint Force Air Component Commander Course. All four Services signed the initial Memorandum of Understanding in March 1997. The first was conducted in February 1998.
    Course receives significant aide from the 505 CCW at Hurlburt, including several course blocks and the Joint Air Estimate Process exercise.
  • Instruction for the course comes from senior national-level civilian and military representatives, combatant commanders and retired battle-tested officers.
  • Course content includes: senior level leadership, warfighting, military doctrine and application of joint/combined air combat forces designed as preparation for future crises.
    When possible, the course attempts to deploy for one day to observe an Air & Space Operations Center (1 AF) in action, or receive instructional material from 1AF/CC.

METHODOLOGY: 65% lecture, 20% practicum exercise, 15% tours/demonstrations

Point of Contact:
LeMay Center Senior Courses
Phone: (334) 953-5101

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Combined Force Air Component Commander Course Logo


OBJECTIVE: Prepare one and two-star officers of all four services for theater-level joint taskforce leadership.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 19 G/FO attendees in the following mix: 6 Air Force, 6 Army, 4 Navy, 2 Marines and 1 senior OSD/ Intra-agency SES member.


  • 5 day in-residence course taught twice per year 
  • Criteria for a JFOWC attendee is as follows: major general / rear-admiral-upper half, or brigadier general (promotable) / rear admiral-lower half (promotable) at least a year after their attendance at CAPSTONE 
  • Foundation of the course is CJCS Instruction 1800.01D, Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP), providing the charter and baseline guidance for JFOWC 
  • Instruction comes from senior national-level civilians and military representatives; flag officers serving as combatant commanders; and retired, battle-tested officers 
  • 9 hours of the curriculum are devoted to Campaign Lessons Learned, with Senior Leader Perspective presentations and Discussion Groups led by commanders of 3 recent JTFs 
  • The four areas of study are: warfighting; synchronization of interagency operations; military doctrine; and the application of unified, joint, and combined combat forces Is the only venue for two-star officers from all services to be exposed to Joint warfighting concerns, in which the COCOMs, all of the Service Chief's and the relevant agencies regularly address a training audience

METHODOLOGY: 75% lecture, 25% practicum exercise

Additional course information

Point of Contact:
LeMay Center Senior Courses
Phone: (334) 953-5101


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OBJECTIVE: While not a warfighting course, the focus of COEC is primarily centered on the strategic decision-making aspects of cyber policy. COEC is offered semi-annually and serves as a senior/intermediate G/FO-level professional continuing education course in the Department of Defense. Owned and controlled by the USAF, it is a joint 2-day course led by experienced senior mentor(s).

TARGET AUDIENCE: The course is offered twice per year at different levels. The (Sr) COEC is offered to three and four star flag officers and Tier 3 Senior Executive Service members. The (Junior) COEC is offered at the one and two star level.


  • Two-day course offered twice per year in residence.

METHODOLOGY: 75% lecture, 25% discussion

Point of Contact:
LeMay Center Senior Courses
Phone: (334) 953-5101

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The purpose of SJIOAC is to prepare selected general/flag officers and senior executive civilians to develop Information Operations (IO) into a warfighting core military competency that will enable Combatant Commanders to target adversary decision-making while protecting our own.

As a result of the 1994 Information Warfare Summit, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) directed Air Education and Training Command (AETC) to develop formal courses of instruction for the then emerging field of Information Warfare.

As IO has continued to evolve, and with the signing of the SECDEF IO Roadmap, both the content and name of SIWAC has changed; with the signing of a joint MOU the course is now the SJIOAC - DOD's only joint flag-level IO course.

Course objectives include:

  • Provide a common framework for understanding and valuing IO; the necessary law, policies and procedures which allow planning and integration of IO into the joint fight. 
  • Appraise joint and service doctrine applicable to the planning and execution of IO. 
  • Analyze the means to effectively communicating U.S. Government capabilities and intentions as an important method of combating the plans of our adversaries. 
  • Examine current and potential roles of the interagency and non-government organizations. 
  • Demonstrate the integration of IO into contingency plans and evaluate the outcomes and lessons. 
  • Describe IO tools, illustrate outcomes of their employment, and explain lessons learned. 
  • Illustrate the impact the media has upon operations.

SJIOAC is a 4.5-day course offered two times per year at Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Recommended Service attendee allocation for the SJIOAC is: 18 total comprised of 5 Army, 2 Marine, 3 Navy, 5 Air Force, 2 Interagency (to include USCG), and 1 International flag officer. Any slots that go unfilled will be made available to the others.

SJIOAC's primary methodology is a combination of informal lecture, interactive seminar discussion, demonstration, and case studies. Speakers are senior national-level civilian and military leaders, representing national agencies and organizations, and combatant commands.

Point of Contact:
LeMay Center Senior Courses
Phone: (334) 953-5101


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Sr Joint Information Operations Applications Course Logo

Lemay Center GO/FO Course Schedule


Course ID Course Dates
CFACC 21A 20 - 28 Oct 2020
(Sr) COEC 21A 16 - 17 Nov 2020
SJIOAC 21A 14 - 18 Dec 2020
CFACC 21B 02 - 10 Feb 2021
JFOWC 21A 08 - 12 Mar 2021
SJIOAC 21B 12 - 16 Apr 2021
(Jr) COEC 21B 11 - 12 May 2021
CFACC 21C 08 - 16 Jun 2021
JFOWC 21B 13 - 17 Sep 2021


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