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Maxwell AFB, Ala. --
Joint Air Operations Planning Course


JAOPC is a 10-day Professional Continuing Education course sponsored by HAF/A8XX. The objective of the course is to educate students in the fundamental concepts, principles and doctrine required to develop the air portion of a joint/combined campaign plan. The target audience for JAOPC is officers in the grades of O-3 to O-6 and civilian equivalents. JAOPC also accepts International Officers, Sister Service

Joint Air Operations Planning Course Logo


Officers and Guard/Reserve Officers. Students develop a joint air operations plan during the course by going through the 7-step joint operation planning process for air (JOPPA). The course is supplemented by various lectures and case studies that support the understanding of JOPPA.  

Course ID Course Dates
19A 04 – 14 Dec 2018
19B 08 – 18 Jan 2019
19C 19 Feb – 01 Mar 2019
19D 19 – 29 Mar 2019
19E 16 – 26 Apr 2019
19F 13 – 23 May 2019
19G 16 – 26 Jul 2019
19H 13 – 23 Aug 2019
19I 10 – 20 Sep 2019

Comm: (334) 953-9575 / DSN 493-9575


Contingency Wartime Planning Course

Contingency Wartime Planning Course Logo

The Contingency Wartime Planning course (CWPC) is a two week planning course that educates Airmen in grades E-5 through O-5 in the art and science of contingency war planning. The course provides a macro view of the contingency and crisis-action planning processes from both the joint and USAF perspectives. Other topics covered include unit readiness assessment, mobilization, expeditionary site planning, and command relationships. Nearly 700 students complete 10 programmed courses each year.  

Course ID Course Dates
19A 03 – 14 Dec 2018
19B 07 – 18 Jan 2019
19C 04 – 15 Feb 2019
19D 04 – 15 Mar 2019
19E 01 - 12 Apr 2019
19F 29 Apr - 10 May 2019
19G 08 – 19 Jul 2019
19H 12 – 23 Aug 2019
19I 16 – 27 Sep 2019

CWPC Chairman Comm (334) 953-8093/ DSN 493-8093
CWPC Registrar Primary Comm (334) 953-5327/ DSN 493-5327


Information Operations Fundamentals Application Course (IOFAC)


Information Operations Fundamentals Application Course LogoThe Information Operations Fundamentals Application Course (IOFAC) is a one-week course that educates students in the fundamental principles of Information Operations in accordance with AF Doctrine Document 2-5. The objective is to provide students with a broad understanding of Information Operations Doctrine and insight into how Information Operations are applied across the full spectrum of conflict from peace to war. The course is taught at the college level through lectures, seminars, practical exercises, readings and computer based lessons. Classes are offered eight times a year with an enrollment of 25 to 35 students per class.


Course ID Course Dates
  All IOFAC classes have been suspended until further notice


IOFAC Chairman
Comm (334) 953-3471 / DSN 493-3471


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