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Exercise in National Budgeting Priorities

XNBP is an unclassified, stand-alone, computerized executive planning exercise addressing national budget priorities as impacted by presidential and cabinet-level decisions. This strategic-level exercise utilizes the “Bottom Line” model, which analyzes presidential, economic, political and military budget decisions and their impact on the state of the nation.

This wargame is a stand-alone game, so there is no website.
Future Capabilities Game Logo Future Capabilities Game

One of the CSAF's two Title X wargames, “Futures” is a long-range strategic planning activity that compares alternative futures and force structures. Insights gleaned from “Futures” and the other Title X wargame, “Unified Engagement,” impact USAF strategic planning, concept development and force structure investment streams.
Global Challenge Logo Global Challenge

The capstone wargaming event of the Air War College academic year allows class members to synthesize the principles, concepts, and processes taught in the AWC curriculum to develop the guidance shaping planning and operations at both the strategic and operational levels.
 Joint Land, Air, & Sea Strategic Special Program Joint Land, Air, & Sea Strategic Special Program

JLASS-SP is a joint sponsored, computer-assisted, theater-level seminar wargame. Its overall goal is to enhance joint professional military education through an examination of potential US military responses to regional crises. The primary focus is on joint and combined warfare conducted at the operational and strategic level. 
Judge Advocate Wargames Logo  Judge Advocate Wargames

The LeMay Center hosts or supports three capstone events for the Air Force Judge Advocate General School (AFJAGS): JAGWAR, JAGGED SWORD, and JAGZILLA. JAGWAR is a LeMay Center hosted, two-day event supporting the Judge Advocate Advanced Law and Leadership Course: GATEWAY. Air Force Officers in the grade of Major participate in this wargame. JAGGED SWORD is an AFJAGS hosted, one-day event that supports the Judge Advocate Staff Officer's Course. The target audience is US and International Officers newly assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps career field. JAGZILLA is a one-day event supported by the LeMay Center and hosted by AFJAGS.

This wargame construct integrates students from the Staff Judge Advocate Course and Law Office Manager’s Course into individual wing-level legal teams. Air Force Officers identified for Wing Staff Judge Advocate positions and senior NCOs in the paralegal career field are the primary participants. All three wargames place students in a time-sensitive, fast-paced environment that test the individual student's ability to communicate, manage, and lead while tackling front-burner legal issues. The scenarios range from CONUS-based peacetime operations to day-to-day operations in a deployed, hostile environment.
 Pegasus Logo Pegasus

Pegasus is a computer-adjudicated, theater-level, SIMWAR XXI series wargame. Pegasus is currently used by the Netherlands Defense Academy for their Advanced Air Power course.  The wargame models the opening days of a notional war between two fictional alliances.  Participants are split into Blue and Red teams or play as Blue only against a scripted Red team and then assume the role of the Combined Forces Command (CFC) staff of the respective alliance. 
 Doolittle Logo

Doolittle Wargame Series

The Doolittle Wargame Series is an annual event chartered by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force to explore multi-domain warfighting concepts to improve command and control of air, space, cyber, and EMS forces in support of dynamic and operationally-agile operations. The series is conducted at the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute. The inaugural event held in November 2018 employed a Table Top Exercise format to specifically examine Multi-domain Command and Control with the hypothesis that: “The USAF must modernize rules, responsibilities, relationships, and authorities and tactics, techniques, and procedures to effectively command and control multi-domain operations to converge air, space, and cyber capabilities to meet the challenges of these contested domains.” The next iteration is presently slated to execute in August 2019.



The LeMay Center Wargaming Institute is a rotational location for the Air Force Chief of Staff’s CORONA Conference where Air Force senior executive leadership, primarily three and four star generals, gather to collaborate, strategize and posture the Service to meet both current and emergent force requirements.  In addition to hosting the conference, the institute integrates with appropriate air staffs to execute a comprehensive strategy exercise to address pertinent national defense concerns.  The attending Senior Executive Service and general officers, as exercise participants, collectively deliberate on the relevant issues and alternatives, and under the direction the Chief of Staff, design the Air Force way ahead.

 Schriever Logo

Schriever Wargame Series

The LeMay Center Wargaming Institute hosts four wargame events each year in support of Air Force Space Command; the Concept Development Conference, Table Top One, Table Top Two, and the Schriever Capstone Wargame make up the Schriever Wargame Series.

The Schriever Wargame Series explores peer-to-peer space and cyberspace adversary strategic goals. The series seeks to advance coalition leadership’s understanding of how space and cyber operations can be leveraged in deterrence and strategic messaging. Additionally, the Schriever Series continues the exploration of military, civil, and commercial relationships when conflict extends to space and cyberspace.