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Air University Research Showcase

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The Air University Research Showcase, in partnership with MGMWERX and the Office of Sponsored Programs, will highlight student work accomplished in academic year 2021. The format will be 15 virtual panels, captured and streamed to allow for participation from AU alumni from every schoolhouse, even if they've moved to their next duty station or attended the eSchool of Graduate PME.

Directors of research and supervising faculty nominated work from various categories, including joint all domain operations, China, Russia, leadership and cyber. The virtual panels will be available for distribution by AU for use in starting discussions, professional development and professional military education curriculum.

“Air University students do fantastic work, which we want to amplify outside of campus,” said Dr. Margaret Sankey, director of research at Air War College. “Showcasing it alongside other subject matter experts who work in these fields is a way to build student and Department of the Air Force networks of expertise and contacts, while helping the students polish effective ways of getting their work out into spaces where decision makers can use it.”

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