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The EPASS program is managed by the Air University Office of Sponsored Programs and the 42nd ABW Contracting Squadron (42nd CONS). The EPASS Program Manager, Dr. Stephanie Rollins (, can assist with the process and provide templates and examples for the Purchase Request (PR) package.

What is EPASS?
• A mandatory-use contract vehicle for all Air University Educational Services requirements.
• Organizations must supply funding; EPASS does not provide financing.
• Non-AU organizations may also use EPASS for educational services.
• EPASS is a contracting program that uses established blanket purchase agreements (established pricing by type of job and degree level required) with approved vendors.
• The advantage of EPASS is that it saves time over traditional contracting when contracting for educational service requirements.

Examples of EPASS Domains and Labor Categories:
• Professional ServicesInstructors, Instructional Designers, Curriculum Developers, Course Developers, Instructor Training, and Professional Continuing Education (PCE) Training
• Research Services: Academic Research Support, Research Subject Matter Experts, and Laboratory Specialists
• Educational Technology: Simulation Support Specialist, Graphic Design Specialist, Media Specialist, Video/Film Production Specialist, Information Technology Professional Specialist, and Introduction of New Information Services and Products Specialist
• Administrative Support Services: Translation/Language Services, Financial Support Services, Program Support Services, Multimedia Services, Professional  Certificate Support Services, Educational Accreditation Support Services, Book Logistic Services, Public Relations/Strategic Communications Services,  Integrated Marketing Services, Challenge & Competition Services, Advertising Services, Training & Educational Materials Services,  Integrated Consulting Services, Program Management Services, Writing Proficiencies Services, Register/Transcript/Competency-Based Services, Assessment Leadership & Personality Services, Assessment Testing & Test Management Services, and Grant Writing Services

Using EPASS:
Customers must provide certified funding and complete a PR PackageThe process is coordinated with the EPASS Program Manager and submitted to 42nd CONS. The required documents for submission depend on funding requirements:

     Under $250K:
     • EPASS Approval Letter
     • Form 9 Checklist
     • Statement of Work (SOW)
     • Coordinate SOW with Manpower, Civilian Personnel, and Security via email
     • Market Research
     • Independent Government Estimate (IGE)
     • Non-Personal Services Certification

     Over $250K:
     • EPASS Approval Letter
     • Form 9 Checklist
     • Performance Work Statement (PWS)
     • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
     • Contract Support Approval (CSA) Letter with approved Requirements Approval Document (RAD)
     • Coordinate PWS with Manpower, Civilian Personnel, and Security via email
     • Market Research
     • Independent Government Estimate (IGE)
     • Non-Personal Services Certification
     • Task orders over $250k require a fully trained and duly appointed Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Form.

     As needed for PR Packages:
     • AF Form 332 (Civil Engineering)
     • Communications-Computer Systems Requirements Document (CSRD)

Important to Note:
• Certified funds are required to accompany PR Packages.
• The EPASS program manager will provide templates for the PWS/SOW, Market Research, and IGEs and guide customers through the EPASS process.
• All EPASS task orders are for Non-personal Services (Contractor, not the government, supervises contract employees).
• All EPASS task orders are performance-based.
• The COR is responsible for inputting information into the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). In addition, if the contract is over $1M, the COR is responsible for inputting data into the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).