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Requirements and Scheduling

The Air University (AU) Requirements and Scheduling Section

  • Overseas Air University's Professional Development, Continuing Education and the Graduate Education Program, which includes out-year course requirements for:
    • Professional Military Education (PME)
    • Professional Continuing Education (PCE)
    • Officer Accessions Training (OAT)
    • Advanced Academic Degree (AAD) programs for out-years
  • Tracking the scheduling and production during execution-year for Maxwell-Gunter and AFIT courses, and lodging requirements for Maxwell-Gunter courses

 Key Functions:

  • Course/Program Requests:
    • Coordinates new course requests and changes/deletions to existing courses through AU and AF/A1D staff, to include all PCE courses (AF 1768), PME, Accessions, Technical Training, etc as required for AU processes
    • ETCA:  Ensures AU (to include AFIT) courses are current in the Education and Training Course Announcement (ETCA) web site.
    • Class/Event Schedules: Develops and maintains the Air University Operations and Production Schedule (AUOPS) to include:
      • BASIC SCHEDULE BUILD (between May-July) – review and coordination of school schedule input
      • SCHEDULE UPDATES-review and coordination of schedule changes, to include requests for reallocation and/or additional quotas
      • LODGING REQUESTS: Processes all requests for Maxwell-Gunter group lodging
        • AU Staff representative to quarterly Lodging Steering Committee meeting
        • Resolve lodging requests resulting in overbooked periods
    • Air Force Education Requirements Board (AFERB): Along with AF/A1D, Career Field Managers and schools, manages both AETC funded PCE and Graduate Education quota allocations
      • Represents the AU/CC in dual capacity as AETC Director of Education
      • Coordinating Grad Ed and PCE programs and requirements
      • Provides reporting and data analysis on programs
      • Coordinates approval of all AETC funded PCE courses(AF IMT 19 process) and Grad Ed AFERB programs
    •  AUREPM: Focal point for the “Course Plans and Scheduling” module of the Air University Registrar Education Program Management (AUREPM)
      • Assigns system privileges and provides training for system users
      • Maintains system support data
    •  Production Reporting: Focal point for all AU student production data. Prepares and submits various periodic and ad hoc production reports and analyses to AF, AETC and AU




What is the process for requesting a new education program? Frequently Asked Questions

AU Current Guidance (subject to change when Omnibus is approved) for New Course/Program Approvals:



is used for ALL AU New Course/Program Approval Requests (both PCE and PME), along with Tabs:

- Course Assessment

- Course Syllabus or Lesson Plan(s)

- ETCA Worksheet

***Use the standard SSS format per Tongue and Quill (AFH33-337).  Also, please ensure to incorporate funding/resource information***

New Methods-of-Delivery listed below have been added to AUREPM’s Manage Programs module for Resident and On-Site Courses, and also when “Managing Offerings” for scheduling classes. 

These options can also be listed in eSSS and Course Assessment, as well as initial ETCA Worksheet for New Course Approval packages….as applicable:

            - VIR-L  =  Virtual In-residence – Local - An in-residence program or course executed virtually to replicate the in-resident experience as much as possible when full-time students on orders to the school's campus cannot participate in face-to-face instructional events.

            - VIR-R   =  Virtual In-residence – Remote - An in-residence program or course executed virtually to replicate the in-resident experience as much as possible when students cannot travel to the school's campus or local area.

“These are intended to simply communicate the execution of courses and programs designed for in-residence delivery, whether long/PCS or short/TDY, through a variety of technologies and other means rather than face-to-face. 

Students will receive in-resident credit, as necessary, as the aim is to meet the in-residence course/program outcomes.  This is not the same as “distance learning,” which reflects a deliberate design and delivery methodology, and for a wide variety of reasons, we should not refer to these courses as “DL.”

2.  Once completed with internal organization coordination (to include the applicable AF Career Field Manager, as well as Funding source if not requesting AF approval/funding), submit to AU/A3R Course Workflow Org Mailbox AU.A3R.courseworkfloworgmailbox@us.af.mil for Staffing/Approval/ and Processing. 

This process can take up-to 90 days for completion depending on whether or not AF Approval/Funding is being requested. 

If courses are User/Other-Funded, then they can be approved at the AU/CAA level.

What is the process for requesting changes to an existing education program?

Submit ETCA/Program Change request to AU/ETCA workflow e-mail AU.A3R.courseworkfloworgmailbox@us.af.mil.  AU/URA will review and route change as appropriate. Minor, administrative changes can be made without approval; Major curriculum changes, funding, manning, etc. must be routed for approval prior to implementation. Approved changes will also need to be updated in the current version of the AU Catalog, published by AU/URS.

Why does AU/URA collect lodging requests for Maxwell-Gunter courses?

AU/URA reserves group lodging for all AU courses taught on Maxwell-Gunter, and all groups from any unit for groups of 10 or more. Our goal is to ensure students are on base whenever possible. Courses/Events are assigned a "weight factor" or on-base priority ranking annually, and URA works to de-conflict scheduling issues where possible to maximize on-base lodging utilization. Weight factors are assigned based on a three year average of the number and rank of participants, length of offering, type of program and if an approved “Required on Base” letter is on file.

Where can student production data be found?

AU/URA maintains most student production data in the AURPEM database. All AU and AFIT school production data and course/class schedules are updated by school POCs in AUREPM, with the exception of AFIT graduate education, and distance learning courses.