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The following sections provide a wide variety of resources for improving teaching, curriculum development, student management, Ed Tech application, and other aspects of learning with emphasis on faculty support and development.  The resources are organized by; Basic Learning Theory, Learning Approaches, Curriculum Design, Teaching Methods and a collection of several issues vital to education. There links to both internal and external websites and many of the webpages or articles include references or links to additional materials addressing learning and faculty support. Also included in this section is a list and description of books and materials located in the Fairchild Research and Information Center at Maxwell AFB supporting learning faculty development.


TLC Reserve Shelf in the MSFRIC

The following books promoting faculty expertise are reserved at the MSFRIC on the TLC reserve shelf.   

Learning Theory

The following resources provide an introduction to the major learning theories for education.  

 Bloom's Taxonomy for Learning

 Gagne's Hierarchy of Learning

 Survey of Learning Theories at InstructionalDesign.org

 Survey of Learning Theories at Learning-Theories.com

 Affective Learning

 Theory for Adult Learners

Learning Approaches

There are many different styles and approaches to teaching and learning.  The following resources provide an introduction to some of the better known approaches and methods for education.


Curriculum Design (ISD)


 Overview of Instructional Design at InstructionalDesign.org

 Instructional Design Articles at eliearningindustry.com


 How to Prepare a Syllabus - Teaching Center at Washington University

 Guide for Developing Lesson Plans


How to Teach (Stand-up, facilitation, preparation, techniques)

How to Teach (Stand-up, facilitation, preparation, techniques


Teaching Items (Assessments, Surveys, Critical Thinking)



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