Responding to Student Writing

Diagnosing and Responding to Student Writing (Dartmouth). Website discusses several types of responses to student writing and effective use of margin and end comments.


Brief Guide to Responding to Student Writing (Harvard). A selected guide from the Harvard Writing Project’s Guides to Teaching Writing that provides practical advice on effective and efficient commenting.


Commenting on Student Writing (Washington University in St. Louis). The Teaching Center website provides tips that focus on writing comments on students’ papers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of responding.


How Did I Spend Two hours Grading This Paper?!” – Responding to Student Writing Without Losing Your Life” from Teaching Excellence – Toward the Best in the Academy (Volume 20, Number 2, 2008-09) is published by the Professional & Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (www.podnetwork.org). The article emphasizes that effective feedback moves students from novice writers to expert writers.


Better Research Papers Workshop (presentation by Dr. Heath Sledge to AWC Faculty, February 2017). The PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of basic principles of responding to student writing, the process for reviewing and responding to student drafts, and how to diagnosing main problems with student drafts.


Brief Guide to the Elements of the Academic Essay (Harvard). A selected guide from the Harvard Writing Project’s Guides to Teaching Writing that provides suggestions on using consistent vocabulary for responding to the major components of an academic paper.


Higher Order Concerns (HOCs) & Lower Order Concerns (LOCs) (Purdue OWL). Handout discusses the most important parts of an essay – the ‘big picture’ – and the secondary issues of student writing (i.e., grammar, punctuation, etc.).


Responding to Student Writing (8-Minute Video). Various college-level writing faculty discuss the most important strategies for responding to student writing.


Effective Comments and Revisions in Student Writing (WAC Clearinghouse). Although this article reflects a qualitative study on the relationship between teacher comments and student revisions, more importantly it provides a comprehensive review of literature to draw upon and presents commentary strategies for improving student writing.  


How Can I Effectively and Efficiently Respond to Student Writing? (Carnegie Mellon University). The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation website provides several options for responding to student writing.


Responding to Student Writing – Principles and Practices (University of Michigan). The Center for Research on Learning & Teaching website presents principles, strategies, and best practices for responding to student writing.


Responding to Non-native Speakers of English (University of Minnesota). Website purports that non-native speakers' writing problems are unique, and instructors need to apply different approaches to recognize and respond to the typical problems of ESL students.



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