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  • Squadron Staff

    Internal to ACSC there are two main efforts, providing resident professional military education and distance learning education.  The Student Squadrons (STUS) support all the students attending ACSC in-residence. There are two squadrons at ACSC, the 21st and the 38th.  Each Squadron is made up of

  • Electives

    In conjunction with the core curriculum, students at ACSC take elective courses. The school provides students the flexibility to choose courses that cover various topics from over 100 electives.

  • Joint All Domain Strategist

    Joint All Domain Strategist was formerly Multi Domain Operational Strategist (MDOS) and was re-designated JADS in AY21 by the Air University Commander, in order to capture the joint nature of the course. In 2018, MDOS received the AETC innovation award for furthering the CSAF's priorities of

  • School of Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies (SANDS)

    The School of Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies (SANDS) program was founded in July 2015 by Air Force Global Strike Command to develop field grade officers into the next generation of nuclear deterrence leaders and experts. In 2018, the school was incorporated into ACSC to leverage the wealth of

  • ACSC Commandant Welcomes Class of 2025

    Congratulations on your selection to attend Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), the Department of Defense's #1 intermediate developmental education institute! We work to educate and develop air-minded joint leaders able to lead, compete, and win in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

  • The Political-Military Affairs Strategist (PAS)

    The Political-Military Affairs Strategist (PAS) program is for students selected by their Developmental Education Designation Board (DEDB) or Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board (RDEDB) to complete a political-military oriented program.  In addition to the ACSC core curriculum, the PAS

  • Distance Learning

    The eSchool's Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) distance learning (DL) intermediate developmental education (IDE) curriculum is designed to produce a more effective field-grade officer serving inoperational-level command or staff positions.  The IDE/ACSC DL program emphasizes applying airpower in

  • Student Calendar

    Student CalendarThe Academic Calendar is completed a year in advance for planning and coordination purposes with Air War College to comply with Headquarters Air Force (HAF) and Joint Staff requirements.   There are 4 main academic terms 2 core classes per term w/ possibility of an elective Black

  • Preparing for ACSC

    Preparing For ACSC Reading and writing at a professional collegiate level will be a change for some of you.  If this is the case, do not be alarmed, you are NOT alone!  There are plenty of resources available at Air University to assist you in your academic/professional development. Here’s some

  • Curriculum

    The ACSC resident curriculum is a rigorous 10-month graduate-level program taught through intensive small group seminars and engaging lectures. Courses cover topics that include the profession of arms, leadership and ethics, joint operations, airpower, and the international security environment.