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Dr. Dan Uribe

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SOUTHCOM Subject Matter Expert (SME) Research Analyst – Consultant

Brig. Gen. (ret)/Dr. Dan Uribe serves as consultant on the SOUTHCOM AOR for the AFCLC.  He holds a PhD in Educational Technology from Arizona State University.   Dr. Uribe joined the AFCLC in June of 2021 after a 34-year career in the Air Force where, in addition to technical and international assignments, he served as Permanent Professor and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and International Programs and Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Curriculum and Strategy at the United States Air Force Academy.  During this time, Dr. Uribe worked with allies and partners across South America, Europe and Asia establishing educational partnerships and study abroad opportunities.  His 21 years of undergraduate teaching experience includes Spanish (every level), Latin America and NATO Area Studies, and Astronautical Engineering.  His research interests include teaching/learning, problem-based learning, foreign language assessment, intercultural competence, foreign languages for specific purposes, and the teaching of leadership in foreign language classrooms.  

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