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Conference Proceedings:

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Edmondson, Scott. 2005. 'I Seen and I Know': Testimony from Pastor Billy Watkins and His Freedom of Spirit Church, 35-minute ethnographic film presented at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, October 20, 2005. Winner of the 2005 AFS Zora Neale Hurston Prize for best student work on African American folklore.

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Works in Progress:

Jordan, Jessica. 2021 “Islands Too Beautiful for Their Names: The Politics of Memory and History of Japanese Empire and War in the Northern Marianas.” Dissertation manuscript under revision for submission to an academic press.


Jordan, Jessica. 2021 “Multinational Business Organizational Models and the US Air Force: A Conversation with Brig Gen Leonard J. Kosinski, USAF,” Vice Commander, Fifth Air Force, and Director, Joint Air Component Coordination Element-Japan, at Yokota AB, Japan. 15 March 2021 phone interview. Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (Air University Press) Vol 4 No 4, 1 June 2021: 15-25.


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