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Dr. Jessica Jordan

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Assistant Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Asia)

Dr. Jessica Jordan is Assistant Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Asia) at the Air Force Culture and Language Center. Her Ph.D. is in modern Japanese history, and her research interests include the politics and history of Japan and the US in the tropical Western Pacific Islands (geo-cultural Micronesia), and the politics and systemic dilemmas of the US global military presence. In AY22 she is directing an AU Research Task Force on military basing in the Indo-Pacific, which is a two-term AWC/ACSC cross-listed elective focused on the most pressing challenges facing the US forward posture in this combatant command. Her publications include several contributions to peer-reviewed journals as well as open source articles, Japanese to English translations, and electronic volumes targeting public audiences. She is currently revising her dissertation for submission to an academic press. 

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