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571st MSAS prepares for partner nation integration with AFCLC’s SOUTHCOM Podcast

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  • By Mikala McCurry, AFCLC Outreach Team

As a service and as a nation, the United States and the Department of Defense are stronger and better able to face ever-evolving security challenges when we embrace collaboration with partner nations. Active engagement with partner nations in the SOUTHCOM region is critical to deter adversaries and preserve stability. This level of integration requires getting to know our partners, including their languages and cultures.

Air Advisors from the 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron are utilizing the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s monthly Pulso Regional Podcast – available on the Culture Guide app – as a resource to stay abreast of current events and news in the SOUTHCOM AOR while enhancing their Spanish language listening skills.

The 571st MSAS’s mission is to strengthen partner nations’ capabilities by providing assessments, training, advice, and assisting partner nations in developing their airpower capabilities. This unit supports U.S. Southern Command’s objectives in Central and South America; therefore, all Air Advisors in this squadron must maintain Spanish language skills and engage in educational opportunities to enhance their language and culture skills in the SOUTHCOM region.

“In our Squadron, prioritizing professional development is crucial, especially considering the steep learning curve our members face when familiarizing themselves with the SOUTHCOM AOR. Given that our members swiftly transition to missions as soon as they meet all training requirements, the podcast serves as an additional tool to support their efforts in enhancing their proficiency in the Spanish language and cultural understanding,” said Capt. Gustavo Gonzalez, training flight commander for the 571st MSAS.

The Pulso Regional podcast is a monthly update of news and current events in the SOUTHCOM region narrated in English and Spanish by AFCLC’s SOUTHCOM Subject Matter Expert, Ret. Brig. Gen. Daniel Uribe, Ph.D. At the end of each month, Dr. Uribe researches and collects major current events and newsworthy information from SOUTHCOM by monitoring various media outlets and periodicals related to South America to curate the podcast. This provides listeners with a well-rounded view of the atmosphere in the region as they prepare for the month ahead.

“The SOUTHCOM AOR is a dynamic and complex region of the world, and I thought a monthly news summary could be useful to keep the AFCLC leadership and team abreast of major events. After a few months of positive feedback on the written summary, we felt a podcast could benefit other language, regional expertise, and culture practitioners focused on the SOUTHCOM AOR,” Dr. Uribe said.

Through the AFCLC’s Culture Guide App, Air Advisors at the 571st MSAS have ongoing access to the latest occurrences in the SOUTHCOM region anytime, anywhere. According to Capt. Gonzalez, the podcast offers valuable cultural insights for squadron members as they collaborate with partners in South America.

“Access to educational tools such as this podcast holds significance for our Squadron, as it cultivates a culture of continuous learning. Given the hectic schedules our Squadron members juggle, including numerous TDYs, daily job responsibilities, and personal commitments, having a convenient and efficient means to absorb information proves immensely advantageous,” Gonzalez said.

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