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AFCLC’s newest course for CCAF credit focuses on China and Russia

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The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s newest distance-learning course, Introduction to Cultural Domains, takes a sharp focus on the cultures of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Russian Federation and is available for three credit hours through the Community College of the Air Force for enlisted members of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force[AS[1]  (Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve).

According to the current National Security Strategy, the Russian Federation and PRC continue to pose pacing threats to the United States and its allies. Understanding these areas is imperative to integrated deterrence, which means creating partners and allies at every phase of planning, campaigning, and force development.

Enrollment for the course ends April 22, and the course begins May 2 and lasts through Aug. 14, 2024. The course serves as an introduction to cultural domains through a comparative study of real-world examples based on both PRC and the Russian Federation cultures. This course equips students with analytical tools essential in the accurate observation, orientation, decision, and action, or OODA loop, decision-making process necessary to manage the challenges of cross-cultural interaction. Students are exposed to case studies, scenario applications, and strategies to develop an appreciation of the cultural domains essential to avoid misunderstandings."The United States does not seek a conflict; we have every hope that one can be avoided,” Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall said in his leadoff remarks at the Air and Space Forces Warfare Symposium earlier this year. “We are, however, involved in a competition, an enduring competition that could turn into a conflict at any time. We can no longer regard conflict as a distant possibility or future problem that we might have to confront.

“Our job, our fundamental mission – the reason we exist – is so we can be ready now and always. The name of the game is deterrence. But deterrence rests on strength and the will to use it,” he said.

Introduction to Cultural Domains is an entirely online, self-paced, nine-module course requiring students to complete short readings, watch associated video clips/presentations, and complete knowledge checks/exercises. Students also participate in formative lesson quizzes, situational judgment exercises, summative Milestone Assignments, and a final exam.

Enlisted members of the  U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force who are interested in this course can find more information and enrollment directions at the following link:

 [AS[1]Ask Marsha if they have ever had anyone other than USAF in the courses… I don't know. Maybe USSF?

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