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104 Cadets Selected for AFCLC's Language Enabled Airman Program

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  • By Lori M. Quiller


After a virtual selection board process in April, the Air Force Culture and Language Center selected 104 Cadets for the Language Enabled Airman Program. Of the 104 Cadets selected, 67 were chosen from the United States Air Force Academy and 37 from Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps in 14 languages. Six of the selects will commission into the United States Space Force while 98 will commission into the United States Air Force.

Participation in LEAP is voluntary and highly competitive. To become a LEAP scholar, cadets must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language specified on the Air Force Strategic Language List, receive an endorsement from their unit commander, and compete via a board process. Selection to LEAP is based on applicants’ existing language proficiency, potential to achieve higher levels of language proficiency, and Department of the Air Force language requirements.

Below are the names of the 104 Cadets who are now members of LEAP. You can also watch our announcement video, on AFCLC’s Facebook channel.


Arabic Modern Standard

Heyborne, Sydney


Chinese Mandarin

Toronto, Joseph

Portuguese European

Nguyenkhoa, Victor


Avila, Daniel

Fuster, Maximiliano

Posadas Nava, Alejandro



Arabic Modern Standard

Delasantos, Megan

Faiella, Leah

Khan, Ameen

Petty, Noah

Chinese Mandarin

Cao, Cosmo

Chang, Athena

Chang, Stella

Kelly, Katy

Komschlies, Evan

Laurenceau, Keillan

Macik, Jaden

Pickart, Alejandro

Pierce, Sawyer

Rawson, Payton

Vincent, Aaron

Wheeler, Tyler


Benson, Katrina

Debray, Armand

Durand, Ainsley

Flodin, Isabella

Heydt, Myriah

Jones, Lucas

McGarry, Caitlyn

Nelson, Sonja

Peter, Griffin

Seibert, Brennan

St. Pierre, James

Tuggle, McKenna


Bammer, Mason

Bogard, Matthew

Champagne, Savannah

Conklin, Cooper

Hickman, Catherine

Hommes, Olivia

Mombaur, Sarah

Newell, Brooke

Ritschard, Peter


Goldberg, Mayer


Beltrame Iacobacci, Sofia


Christner, Kurtz

Crane, Victoria

Cruise, Tyler

Estes, Gregory

Fajloun, Joseph

Imagawa, Aimi

Kidane, Alden

Kosinski, Karen

Langenburg, Allison

Ludan, Ivan

Ninal, Ma

Santiago, Michael

Sievers, Evan

Works, Helen


Choi, Sung

Han, Steve

Hur, David

Kim, Daniel

Kim, Hailey

Kimmi, Nicholas

Lee, Victor

Shin, Ha-Eun

Persian Farsi

Savidge, Delaney

Portuguese Brazilian

Castellan, Hannah

Davila, Morales

Davis, Sydney

Hernandez, Alondra

Manresa Jorge, Amanda

Roberson, Wendell

Vera, Joncarl

Portuguese European

Matlock, Luke


Braxton, Keegan

Brigola, Massimo

Bych, Cassandra

Chang, Michael

Dernlan, Isobel

Harris, Hannah

Hughes, Luke

Lutz, Kirsten

Torresi, Jacob

White, David


Adeboyejo, Adedapo

Brown, Austin

Bush, Teresa

Butler, Adriauna

Bych, Camille

Castaneda, Elena

Curcio, John

Hartigan, Bryan

James, Jacob

Mullally, Isabella

Ortega, Alfonso

Sanchez, Kevin

Shrestha, Ramesh

Taylor, Jackson

Yanes, Yanet

Yorkman, Corinne


Balasabas, Hannah

Lazo, Eric

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