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Book Review Guidelines

Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower (Æther) and Air and Space Operations Review (ASOR) publish book reviews to inform our readers and enhance our journal and online content. Of note, like the submission standards for the journals, we do not accept already-published reviews. Reviews must be original and not be under consideration with other publishers. Books available for review are posted below. Reviewers are asked to analyze the book and provide an exclusive, original, unpublished, concise evaluation. The analysis should be written in an authoritative style, adhering to Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, using the following guidelines:


  • The first section of the analysis should normally be the shortest and indicate the type of book (biography, anthology, history, monograph, etc.). Include a very short author biographic citation and then describe the context of the book in the literature of the field. Again, this section should be brief.

  • Next, thoroughly analyze the thesis and arguments in the work. What are the strong points of the argument? What are the limitations in the work, including author biases? Is the thesis supported? What are the implications of the argument? Are there any profound aspects of the book? This section will be the longest part of the analysis. 

  • Finally, the analysis should finish with recommendations for improvement. Clearly state whether this book is worth reading, who may find this book most interesting, and why.

Administrative Guidelines

Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated submissions are not permitted. If AI is used to generate specific text in an article, it must be used very sparingly, be treated as a quote, and be sourced accordingly, per Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for AI content. If it is used to create a graphic, it must also be sourced. Violators will be ineligible for future publication consideration.

All books are free to reviewers. Each analysis must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word within 45 days of book receipt. Reviews should be no less than 800 words and no more than 1,500 words. Reviews will undergo a formal edit by journal staff.

Include the following in the review heading: title, author, publisher, and number of pages. Sample heading: 

     Supreme Command by Eliot A. Cohen. The Free Press, 2002, 288 pp.

     Also include your name and a brief author citation establishing your credentials as analyst.

Submit analyses via email to: aether-journal@au.af.edu.

Direct questions on editorial issues to:  Book Review Manager: aether-journal@au.af.edu.

Books Available for Review

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TitleAuthorCopyright YearPublisher Name
"A Pitiful, Unholy Mess": The History of Wheeler, Bellows, and Haleiwa Fields and the Attacks of 7 December 1941J. Michael Wenger, Robert J. Cressman, and John F. Di Virgilio2022US Naval Institute
A World Made Safe for Commerce: American Foreign Policy from the Revolution to the Rise of ChinaDale C. CopelandPrinceton University Press2024
American Defense Reform: Lessons from Failure and Success in Navy HistoryRADM Dave Olver (ret) and Anand Toprani2022Georgetown University Press
Arms Control at a Crossroads: Renewal or Demise?Jeffrey A. Larsen and Shane Smith, eds.2024Lynne Rienner
At the Dawn of Airpower: The U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps' Approach to the Airplane, 1907-1917Laurence M. Burke II2022Naval Institute Press
Battle of Bong Son: Operation Masher/White Wing, 1966Kenneth P. White2024Casemate
Bipolar General: My Forever War with Mental IllnessMaj. Gen Gregg F. Martin2023Naval Institute Press
Black Hearts and Painted Guns: A Battalion's Journey into Iraq's Triangle of DeathKelly Eads, Daniel S Morgan2023Casemate
Burning Horizon: British Veteran Accounts of the Iraq War, 2003Julian Whippy2023Casemate
Caspar Weinberger and The U.S. Military Buildup, 1981-1985Edward C. Keefer2023Historical Office, Office of the Secretary of Defense
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