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In the first Tailwinds vodcast, four expert DoD scientists and engineers discuss the future of DoD Labs and the future of uniformed and civilian scientists and engineers associated with those labs. The roundtable features Dr. Edie Williams, Dr. John Fischer, Dr. Brian Fry and is moderated by Bob Kavetsky.

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In Episode 8, we visit with Alexander Farrow and Victor "Salsa" Lopez about their Summer 2023 Air & Space Operations Review article, "AI Readiness in a US Air Force Squadron." Bringing their academic-military-tech partnership experiences to bear, they discuss the importance of crafting a data strategy, managing data infrastructure, cultivating organization-wide talent, and redesigning organizational processes, all at the squadron level. They also discuss the impact of generative AI on the service as a whole, and the compelling opportunities for efficiency and integration this technology provides.
In our 7th episode of Tailwinds, we visit with Drs Adam Lowther and Mahbube Siddiki about the subject of drones in Putin’s war in Ukraine—technology used by both sides over the history of the conflict—and implications for future combat operations and strategic deterrence capabilities. The conversation is a follow-up to their Winter 2022 Air & Space Operations Review article, “Combat Drones in Ukraine.”
In Tailwinds Episode 6, we visit with Dr. Anessa Kimball about their article in the Winter 2022 issue of Air & Space Operations Review, “Canada’s ‘Open Door’ on 9/11,” which examines NORAD’s legacy as a binational institution from the perspective of the events of 9/11 as they played out in Canada that day. Professor Kimball also weighs in on NATO and on NORAD modernization, particularly in light of China’s recent incursion of North American air space in the form of a supposed weather balloon.
Lt Col Dan Sanders, PhD, discusses his Air & Space Operations Review article from our Summer 2022 issue, "Space Force Culture: A Dialogue of Competing Traditions," in which he argues that four historical cultural traditions exist in the Space Force: engineers, operators, integrators, and warfighters. This history has implications for service culture; Space Force leaders wanting to shape service culture should understand these traditions at work today.
The latest episode of Tailwinds features 1st Lt Adam Wilmer and Lt Col Robert Bettinger, PhD, discussing their article, "Beyond the High Ground: A Taxonomy for Earth-Moon System Operations," featured in the Summer 2022 issue of Air & Space Operations Review.
In this episode of Tailwinds, we visit with Dr. Brian Fry about his articles, "Mobilizing Uniformed Scientists and Engineers," in the Fall 2021 issue of Air & Space Power Journal and "Taking the Brakes Off Uniformed Scientists and Engineers," in the Spring 2022 issue of Air & Space Operations Review."
In Episode 2, Lt Col Jim Davitch discusses his Air & Space Operations Review Spring 2022 article, Dealing with Disinformation: Barriers to Success and a Path Forward.
In the first episode of Tailwinds, we visit with COL Walter Richter, US Army Attache in Berlin, Germany, about his fall 2021 Air and Space Power Journal article that proposes ways the United States can counter Russian influence through security assistance mechanisms. These include leveraging existing Allied and partner maintenance capabilities, working with existing US partnership efforts, and improving the FMS Total Package Approach.

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The journal encourages thoughtful debate in the form of scholarly feedback to our articles. For publication consideration, reviews/commentaries on our articles must range between 1,000 and 2,000 words, be appropriately footnoted (narrative footnotes are not permitted), and upon acceptance, will be sent to the article author for an opportunity to respond to the critique. Once finalized, the resulting review and reply will be featured in an upcoming journal issue.


airpower lessons for NATO from ukraine

  • Failures of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Ukraine
    Matthew S. Galamison and Michael B. Petersen

    Russian aerospace forces failure in Ukraine reflects a mistaken strategic priority on defensive operations, insufficient capability for large-scale operations, and inadequate operational concepts. NATO must learn key lessons from Russia’s airpower failure.


  • Microgrids: Energy Security for Overseas Bases
    Nathan P. Olsen

    Power grid disruptions from an attack or natural disaster can threaten military operations and readiness. Congress should direct the establishment of renewable microgrids at overseas bases, enabling resiliency and ensuring military advantage.

  • The Silver Lining in Information Warfare
    Lauren McQuone

    Advanced meteorological analysis highlights the difference between adversary and friend vulnerabilities, thereby determining the marginal advantage: the silver lining.

  • Optimizing Security Forces Operations: Employing Risk-Based Strategies
    Brandon L. Dinkins

    A new Security Forces framework will serve as a comprehensive security posture that will in turn alleviate personnel shortages and mitigate detrimental mental and physical health factors for Defenders.


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  • Book Reviews

    A collection of seven book reviews for the ASOR Fall 2023 edition.

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