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The journal encourages thoughtful debate in the form of scholarly feedback to our articles. For publication consideration, reviews/commentaries on our articles must range between 1,000 and 2,000 words, be appropriately footnoted (narrative footnotes are not permitted), and upon acceptance, will be sent to the article author for an opportunity to respond to the critique. Once finalized, the resulting review and reply will be featured in an upcoming journal issue.


Air Operations

  • The B-21 and Tactical Creativity
    Shane Praiswater and Paula G. Thornhill

    In the move toward pulsed operations, a rift has emerged between standoff and stand-in tactical philosophies. The B-21 Raider’s family of systems at a minimum operates in both areas, helping the Air Force transcend stealth/nonstealth and fighter/bomber debates.

  • The Airfield as a System
    Mark D. Callan

    If the Air Force is to prevail in great power competition, it needs to rethink airfield organization. Systems thinking can help the Air Force reorganize its airfields into maneuverable rhizomatic teams.

  • Analytic Standards in the Context of Military Intelligence
    Jack Duffield

    Tactical and operational environments challenge many assumptions that generally underpin the implementation of analytic standards. The US Air Force's implementation of analytic standards offers an illustration of how such standards can be applied in these specific military intelligence environments.

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