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Tailwinds Podcast

  1. Tailwinds Ep 2 Davitch 0607

    In Episode 2, Lt Col Jim Davitch discusses his Air & Space Operations Review Spring 2022 article, Dealing with Disinformation: Barriers to Success and a Path Forward.

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Senior Leader Perspective

  • Outcompeting China in Latin America: A Top National Security Priority
    Brigadier General Sean M. Choquette, USAF and Senior Airman Steffanie G. Urbano, USAF

    In order to counter Beijing's rising tide in the USSOUTHCOM area of responsibility, the updated national security strategy should provide increased resources, funding, and operational capabilities to address this strategic competition.


  • Beyond the High Ground: A Taxonomy for Earth-Moon System Operations
    Adam P. Wilmer and Robert A. Bettinger

    Commercial and military international activities and threats to the planet itself are increasing across the entire earth-moon system. This reality requires a new taxonomy to accurately classify space domain awareness missions and better apply resources to and development of the same.

  • Space Force Culture: A Dialogue of Competing Traditions
    William D. Sanders

    Four historical cultural traditions exist in the Space Force: engineers, operators, integrators, and warfighters. This history has implications for service culture; Space Force leaders wanting to shape service culture should understand these traditions at work today.


Par Avion

  • Decision Superiority: ABMS and the USAF Digital C2 Revolution
    Christophe Piubeni and Dan Gottrich

    Current US military platforms are insufficient to combat developing adversary AI and machine-learning technological innovations. The USAF Air Battle Management System answers the challenge, delivering multidomain data capabilities to digitally connect the Joint Force across all domains.

  • Albanian C3 in the Postcommunist Era
    Sokol Thana

    The Albanian army experienced a radical change in C3 after the fall of Communism as it sought to advance significant changes required by various Western security organizations. Albania’s experience reveals lessons and competitive advantages for countries experience similar changes. 

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