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  • CASI Quarterly update #1 for 2018

  • Dr. Mulvaney discussing modernization of the Chinese fleet

    Dr. Mulvaney discussing China's Naval Modernization on CGTN
  • Revealed: China's Nuclear-Capable Air-Launched Ballistic Missile

    See the full article at: https://thediplomat.com/2018/04/revealed-chinas-nuclear-capable-air-launched-ballistic-missileRevealed: China's Nuclear-Capable Air-Launched Ballistic MissileChina is developing a nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile, likely based off the DF-21.China is developing and has been flight-testing a nuclear-capable
  • Taiwanese under siege from blitz of Chinese cyberattacks

    Click here for the full articleThe island’s cyber chief revealed there were as many as 40 million attacks each month, with even President Tsai Ing-wen reportedly being targetedClick here for the full article
  • China's new stealth fighter uses powerful materials with geometry not found in nature

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-new-stealth-fighter-uses-metamaterialsMetamaterials can make the J-20 an extra stealthy electromagnetic force.CAN YOU SEE ME?The J-20 is being deployed to elite PLAAF units. It likely uses metamaterials to increase stealth and electromagnetic performance.Henri KenhmannChina's new fighter,
  • A Chinese shipbuilder accidentally revealed its major navy plans

     Full report and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-nuclear-submarine-aircraft-carrier-leakNuclear submarines, giant aircraft carriers, robot warships.DALIAN SHIPYARDDalian Shipyard, part of CSIC, is where China's first domestic carrier, CV-17, was built. It will also likely be the builder for China's first, nuclear powered
  • Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers To Shoot Satellites

    According to Defense One, "Russia Claims It Now Has Lasers To Shoot Satellites".  Can China be far behind?Click here for the Original Story
  • China's hypersonic aircraft would fly from Beijing to New York in two hours

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-hypersonic-double-wing-aircraft-i-planeThe double-wing plane just aced wind tunnel tests at speeds of nearly 5,600 miles per hour.I PLANEThe hypersonic I Plane's biplane configuration is unique even for hypersonic craft.China Science PressA team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of
  • China's J-20 stealth fighter jet has officially entered service

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-j-20-stealth-fighter-officially-enters-serviceReady to "safeguard China's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity."J-20AThe J-20 is being deployed to elite PLAAF units.No CDThe People's Liberation Army Air Force has officially deployed its J-20 stealth fightersto frontline fighter
  • CASI Director testimony to the USCC

    Click here to see the testimony of CASI's Director, Dr. Brendan S. Mulvaney, at the February 2018 hearing of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
  • Is China's space laser for real?

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-space-laserIt's not a Death Star super laser. It's a space broom.IT'S NOT THIS.China's space broom isn't the Death Star super laser. It's an orbiting satellite with a laser only powerful enough to heat up pieces of space junk, so that they change course burn up in the
  • China shot down another missile in space

     Full report and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-space-missile-testLike a hypersonic bullet hitting another hypersonic bullet.A HIT!On February 5, during the Chinese midcourse ABM test, the interceptor hit the target missile in space. Pictured here: the exhaust plumes from the DN-3 rocket motor, suspended in the stratosphere for a
  • This people-moving drone has completed more than 1,000 test flights

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/ehang-passenger-carrying-droneThe flying taxi could soon be spotted in Dubai and Las Vegas.NO HANDS (OR PILOT TRAINING) NEEDEDThe Ehang 184, a one-person automated helicopter, has made multiple flights with passengers onboard.EhangMost drones are small, and carry nothing except cameras. But Ehang
  • China Establishes Military-Civilian Integrated Innovation Center for Cyberspace Security

    [By reporters Liu Yuying and Zhao Jianhua: "Military-Civilian Integrated Innovation Center for Cyberspace Security Is Established in Beijing" ]  Original article: http://www.chinanews.com/it/2017/12-26/8409861.shtmlBeijing, 26 Dec (ZXS) -- Under the guidance of the General Office of the Central Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian
  • The U.S. can no longer ignore China as a global internet player

    Click here for the full article from Brookings The U.S. government will have more ability to influence Chinese behavior, push back against Chinese actions that challenge U.S. values, and ultimately shape the terms of the debate on global technology developments by being a part of the conversation than by standing apart from it. The U.S. government