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  • CASI 2021 3rd Quarter Update

    CASI Quarterly update  #3 for 2021Friends of CASI,     Despite COVID preventing CASI from attending the bi-annual AIRSHOW China in Zhuhai this year, CASI continues to remain busy with research, publications, engagements, and now videos.  Be sure to check our website

  • In Their Own Words: Lectures on Joint Campaign Information Operations

    Written by the PRC’s National Defense University (NDU) faculty, with assistance from the General Staff Operations Department and the Academy of Military Sciences, this text contains instructional material for NDU Commander’s Course, Staff Officer, and PLA-wide Information Operations Advanced Studies

  • CASI CHINA TownHall with DASD Chad Sbragia

    CASI is pleased to announce Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chad Sbragia will be our speaker on Tuesday, 19 October at 6:00PM EST for our virtual Town Hall discussion in partnership with the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations CHINA Town Hall with Fareed Zakaria. LtCol (Ret) Chad

  • CASI Webinar on PRC Space Issues

    The China Aerospace Studies Institute hosted a webinar focused on Space issues and the People's Republic of China featuring Kevin Pollpeter and Kristin Burke.Click here to watch the video:

  • The U.S., China, and Artificial Intelligence Competition Factors

         As technology continues to progress rapidly, so does its impact on modern warfare. As the world moves deeper into the era of great power competition, this becomes an even more important area to watch. The United States and China are both pursuing high technology very rapidly and with

  • CASI Webinar on Quantum Technologies and the PRC

    CASI hosted an expert panel looking at Quantum Technologies in China with Elsa Kania and Prof Mike Biercuk.  You can watch the 90 minute webinar at: 

  • China and Artificial Intelligence

    CASI hosted an expert panel looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China.  You can watch the 90 minute webinar at:

  • Assessment of the PLA’s 3-Star Promotions in September 2021

    On 6 September 2021, Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Central Military Commission (CMC), presided over the promotion of two Army lieutenant generals, one Navy vice admiral, and two Air Force lieutenant generals to full general/admiral (3-stars), the highest rank in the People’s

  • "Private" Chinese Aerospace Defense Companies- Turkish Version

    A special thanks to Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Gulsen Torunoglu Aslan and Dr.Yucel Topcu for their hard work in translating our report into Turkish.  This is a broad-based, long term, global competition, and we are very thankful to our Allies and Friends for the help and support.Click here for the

  • Humans First, Weapon Second?

    The United States Air Force (USAF) views its human warfighter as its most valuable assets. USAF fighter pilots participate in preventive care programs, such as Optimizing the Human Weapon System (OHWS), which provide them with extra embedded physical and psychological support to improve

  • CASI quarterly update #2 for 2021

    CASI Quarterly update#2 for 2021Friends of CASI,Despite the ups and downs, openings and closings, that we are all experiencing, CASI continues to press on with our research and publications.  Despite the changing circumstances, CASI was able to host 10 cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy for

  • Foundations of Competition with China

    CASI is proud to announce a new video series focused on Competition With China.  This new video series helps Airmen better understand the strategic competition with China broadly, and takes a deep look at many of the military and security aspects of that competition. CASI uses source documents to

  • In their Own Words: China's System: Face to Face

    This book closely focuses on studying, propagating, and implementing the spirit of the 4th Plenary Session of the Party’s 19th Central Committee and provides an in-depth explanation in simplified terms of major issues regarding upholding and improving the system of socialism with Chinese

  • China's Ballistic Missile Industry

    Along with space and cyber, the missile forces of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) People’s Liberation Army have seen the greatest increase in importance, and funding, over the last two decades. This progress was further emphasized when, as part of the 2015 reforms, the Second Artillery was

  • Second Combat Brigade of PRC Air Force Likely Receives Stealth Fighter

    Something unusual appeared in a recent satellite image of an airbase in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In the image, a J-20 appears to be taxiing from the runway at Anshan Airport, a military-civilian, dual-use airport in northeastern China that is the home base of the 1st Aviation Brigade of

  • PLA Aerospace Primer 2nd edition in Turkish

    CASI is excited to announce the first translated version of one of its publications into Turkish.  Retired Turkish Air Force Colonel Dr. Yucel Topcu worked diligently to translate our second edition of the PLA Aerospace Primer.  We are grateful for his hard work and efforts, and pleased that he