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  • China's Aviation Industry: Lumbering Forward

    CASI is pleased to announce the publication of "China's Aviation Industry: Lumbering Forward".  We have hard copies available, or you can download it from hereChina's Aviation Industry: Lumbering Forward     As we move further into the era of 21st century great power competition, it is important to understand withwhom we are competing. This study
  • China's hypersonic military projects include spaceplanes and rail guns

      Full report and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-hypersonic-work-speeds-upThe nation is focusing its research and development on tech that moves faster than the speed of sound.TENGYUNThe Tengyun spaceplane, first flight scheduled around 2020, will benefit from Chinese research into high-strength fuselage materials, as well as increased
  • China's opening a factory to build engines for hypersonic missiles and spaceplanes

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-hypersonic-engine-factoryReconnaissance and strike capabilities of aircrafts with these engines could upend air combat and strategies around the world.I PLANEThe hypersonic I Plane has a unique biplane configuration to increase its payload and reduce drag.China Science PressThe Institute of
  • China's new drone company is building a UAV with a 20-ton payload

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-new-drone-company-has-big-plansThat's akin to a medium-sized manned cargo plane.BTB-001This twin-engine, dual-tail MALE (medium altitude, long endurance) attack drone will be able to carry about a ton of payload.WeChat, via by78China's drone newcomer Tengoen Technology (also spelled Tengdun)
  • China's future satellite navigation will be millimeter-accurate

     Full report and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-beidou-3-satellite-navigation-systemThe Beidou 3 will guide military munitions and drones.BBEIDOU LAUNCHThe Beidou satellite is usually launched by LM-3 space launch vehicles.by78China's military is updating its satellite navigation system, launching tech that'll offer super accurate guidance
  • Supporting Infrastructure Project

    As part of our 2017-18 research plan, CASI has a project researching the foundations of the Aerospace Industrial Base in China.  If you have information you feel would be relevant, or would like information about the project once it is completed (expected late summer 2018), please contact us. 
  • China is opening a new quantum research supercenter

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/chinas-launches-new-quantum-research-supercenterThe country wants to build a quantum computer with a million times the computing power of all others presently in the world.BNATIONAL LABORATORY FOR QUANTUM INFORMATION SCIENCESThe $10 billion National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences in
  • China's stealth fighter may be getting a new engine

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-stealth-fighter-new-engineRelying on Russian engines has put China at the mercy of a single, foreign supplier. That could be changing.A FLIGHT SEEN AROUND THE WORLDTwo J-20s make the public debut of China's first stealth fighter, coming low over the Zhuhai runway.dafeng cao (@xinfengcao)With
  • China's looking to one-up Elon Musk's hyperloop

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-hyperloopIf created as proposed, T Flight will be faster, with more extensive routes.NO UPRIGHT POSITIONT-Flight's reclining seats would minimize drag by keeping the height (and hence cross section) of the capsule at a minimum.CASICHyperloops, the developing mode of transit that promises to
  • Come see China's new hexacopters and self-detonating drones

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-new-drones-army-hexacoptersWhat the People's Liberation Army has up its sleeve.BCH-901This display at the Military Museum indicates that the 20-pound CH-901 drone, which can be used as a loitering munition, is in service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Behind it is a smaller recon
  • American and Chinese aircraft could be flying 4,000 miles per hour by 2030

      Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/hypersonic-arms-race-china-united-statesHow China and the United States compare in the hypersonic arms raceTHE FUTURE?TRCC engines mean China could fly Mach 6 airplanes—like the one shown in this fan art—that could fly anywhere in the world in under three hours. It would mean speeds and altitudes
  • China and Russia are teaming up to create the next generation of jumbo jet

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/china-russia-develop-jumbo-jetThe C929 will compete with the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A330neo.C929This is the first official concept art of the new Sino-Russian jumbo jet, which can seat up to 280 passengers. The stretched versions can carry 350 passengers.United Aircraft CorporationChina and
  • In China, an e-commerce giant builds the world's biggest delivery drone

     Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/jd-com-builds-worlds-biggest-delivery-drone JD.com's robot can carry 1 ton of cargo by air.By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer May 24, 2017 JD.com is planning to test its giant tri-copter drones in a 11,500-square-mile testing zone in Shaanxi to serve farmers.JD.comJD.com, also called Jingdong, is
  • China has a new jetliner—here's what that means

      Full article and graphics: https://www.popsci.com/where-chinas-new-jetliner-fits-into-its-larger-aviation-futureHow the C919 airliner fits into China's larger aviation future.C919The C919 airliner, built by the Commercial Aviation Corporation of China (COMAC), had its maiden flight last week.Chinese Internet, via Andreas RupprechtOn May 5, the