LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education

LeMay Center:

  • The LeMay Center is the principal organization for developing and assessing Air Force doctrine and advocating airpower doctrine in Joint & multinational arenas. The LeMay Center has many Directorates with broad capabilities, all focused on taking inputs from across the Joint Force and producing output for the warfighter in the forms of doctrine, Lessons Learned, Wargaming, and Warfighter Education.
  • Select Directorates:
  • Wargaming: Shapes doctrine and education by planning and supporting 125+ wargame events annually to test concepts and capabilities while educating warfighters.
  • USAF Lessons Learned: Collects and validates inputs from across DAF to provide operational/strategic lessons to operational planning, execution, and organizational, training, and equipment (O,T & E) decisions.
  • USAF Doctrine Development: Produces Air Force and Joint Doctrine to codify best practices and educates the Force on doctrinal concepts and employment.
  • Joint Integration – Provides air domain PME, doctrine review, wargaming, and Air-Ground SME support at Ft. Leavenworth, Ft. Sill, Ft. Benning, and Ft. Rucker.
  • Air Land Sea Application Center: Integration in multi-service organization producing publications, joint outreach and engagement, and research on joint warfighting.
  • Joint Integration: Air-Ground SMEs at several US Army locations. Conducts air domain PME, doctrine review, research, and wargaming.
  • Intelligence: Provides ISR research and education, intelligence support to AU/CC & staff, ISR integration across LeMay Directorates.


The LeMay Center receives inputs from across the DAF and Joint Force and coordinates extensively with SMEs both internally and across the Joint Force to produce output in the form of Doctrine, Lessons Learned, Wargaming, and Warfighter Education.