Warrant Officer Training School

MISSION: Develop professional warfighting advisors and leaders prepared to integrate technical and specialized expertise across the competition continuum.

VISION: A premier institution for developing highly skilled and adaptable warrant officers who influence with excellence, innovation, and integrity.

Warrant Officer Training School (WOTS) is a 40-day, in-residence, accessions program located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.  WOTS develops professional warrant officers who can advise and integrate at varying levels of leadership.  This program is designed to educate and train candidates with specialized knowledge or technical skills who can serve as technical advisors to command leadership.  WOTS is a challenging, fast-paced, and highly structured educational program that integrates lecture, guided discussion, and experiential learning opportunities to reinforce educational understanding.  The candidate must be motivated to understand and apply foundations of the profession of arms, communication, leadership, and followership taught at WOTS. 

Learning Outcomes

WOTS Program Learning Outcomes

Course Schedule

Class Start Date Graduation Date
25-01 8 Oct 24 6 Dec 24
25-02 14 Jan 25 14 Mar 25
Additional class dates TBD    

WOTS Frequently Asked Questions