Pre-Command Team Training


  • Wing CC and Group CC pre-command training was established and mandated by the CSAF during CORONA 95 South in response to increased demands of Airmen in leadership and command positions. All wing and group CC selectees receive mandatory AU-resident training prior to assuming command. 
  • In 2022, HAF/A1LE implemented, and CMSAF/AFSELC approved, the requirement for Wing Command Chiefs to attend the Wing Command Team Course in place of HAF Command Chief orientation.  Plans are to mirror the Wing Command Team Course by requiring new Group SELs to attend the Group Command Team Course.


  • Commanders’ Professional Development School (CPDS) pre-command training has been    significantly redesigned and now executes as Pre-Command Team Training (PCTT)  
  • PCTT course delivery is a team-centric, senior mentor-led, learning experience blending the science and art of Air Force mission command. 
    • Deliberately pairs senior mentors (general officers and command chiefs) with each wing and group course, and provides executive coaching through Flatter, Inc. during a Capstone event. 
    • PCTT course content is focused on an enterprise perspective grounded in Air Force foundational guidance/Airman Leadership Qualities and approved by CSAF annually.
      • AFDP-1, The Air Force  
      • AFI 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities 
      • AFI 36-2109, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Senior Enlisted Leadership Management and Air Force Enlisted Council
      • Airman Leadership Qualities (ALQ)
  • The first four days of the course addresses a pillar of the major performance areas (M.I.L.E.) with ties to Airman Leadership Qualities: 
    • Managing Resources (stewardship, accountability) 
    • Improving the Unit (decision making, innovation) 
    • Leading People (inclusion, teamwork, emotional intelligence, communication)
    •  Executing the Mission (job proficiency, initiative, adaptability)
  • A Capstone event culminates the week and command teams develop a 30/60/90-day command plan and command culture strategy facilitated by Flatter, Inc coaches.
  • CSAF approved the new curriculum on 26 September 2022.   


The mission of the Commanders’ Professional Development School has changed from pre-command training for commanders to pre-command team training for commanders, command chiefs, and senior enlisted leaders.  The new curriculum fuses the roles and responsibilities of Commanders and Command Chiefs/Senior Enlisted Leaders across the Major Performance Areas along with Airman Leadership Qualities.  It prepares and empowers command teams to effectively execute mission command designed for Great Power Competition.


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