Master Resilience Trainer Course (MRTC)


  • The mission of the MRTC is to educate and provide essential information, processes, and resources through interactive lecture, guided discussions, and role plays developing the knowledge and skills of DAF Master Resilience Trainers (MRT).

Course Overview:

  • Target audience includes DAF Total Force military and civilian members
  • Facilitate resilience skills education while developing real-world application
  • 5-day in residence or 8-day distance learning facilitated course
  • Offered 15 times per fiscal year - Governance: CJCSI 3405.01 Chairman’s Total Force Fitness Framework (TFF) Directing Service components to establish and support TFF within their organizations, and DAFI, 90- 5001 Integrated Resilience Chapter 3
  • Centrally funded to RegAF and USSF; unit funded to ARC


  • In 2012 the DAF adopted Resilience Skills Training (RST) as a key component of the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness (CAF) framework which focuses on specific domains of human performance.
  • Program originated at Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst, NJ and relocated to the Eaker Center in 2017. Total capacity is 460 students per Fiscal Year (FY) with an average graduation rate of 375. Thus far for FY23, 360 students have graduated.


  • Recruitment of high caliber SSgts and TSgts TF candidates for 3-year (optional 4th) special duty assignments


This course is highly successful and ensures effective integrated resilience programming at every level optimized to support human performance throughout the installation.