DAF SARC and SAPR VA courses


  • Mission: To educate and provide essential information, processes, and resources through interactive lecture, guided discussions, and role plays to develop the knowledge and skill of DAF SARCs and VAs.

Course Overview:

  • Governance: NDAA FY12, section 585, DoDI 6495.02, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and DAFI 90-6001, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
  • SARC and SAPR VA courses run concurrent with each other.
  • SARC course conducted for 10 days; SAPR VA for 7 days
  • Lessons instructed by SAPR, OSI, Family Advocacy and on/off base agency SMEs.
  • Courses are centrally funded


  • Program creation was due in part to the increased demand signal for awareness, empathy, dignified and respectful advocacy for victims of sexual assaults.
  • Demand for SAPR VAs is increasing due to the inclusion of sexual harassment advocacy programs previously managed by Equal Opportunity offices. We anticipate an uptick of students from 94 SARC/SAPR VA in FY23 to 180/SARC/SAPR VA in FY24.


These courses enable personnel to perform sexual assault prevention response, and outreach responsibilities. Thus, building a foundation for excellence in this critical area of Air and Space Force concern.