National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA)

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The annual National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA) serves as a major symposium on ethics and morality for current and future service members.  This year, the event is taking place at the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point from 14 to 15 November.  Topics will include values, ethics, and character development, among many others.  This is a joint event and slots for cadre and cadets in AFROTC will be limited to 2 people and 12 people respectively across our enterprise.

Regions will finalize their nominations by 5 October, so if you have aspirations to attend, work with your chain to ensure your package is sent up for review as soon as possible.  Selections will be released via email.  That email will also include further guidance for attendees, as applicable.

Check out the Execution Plan for additional details on the event!