CY23-001-Chaplain Corps (HC) Application Timeline

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  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

HC Application Timeline:

31 Jan 23 - Completed application package submitted to HC POC for AFRC/HC approval

**15 Mar 23 - Approved for Candidate Program by an Ecclesiastical Endorser

**15 Mar 23 - Enrolled in Seminary Classes

* It is highly recommended graduating cadets contact the HC POC as soon as they realize their interest in the chaplaincy. This will allow adequate time for completing all requirements.

** Your 1288 will be held by AFRC/HC until the required documentation for enrollment and endorsement are received. Please note the 1288 submission timelines listed as part of the RS application process.

** Ecclesiastical Endorsement can be a lengthy process depending on the endorser.

RS Application Requirements:  See ARMS CY22-045 "Reserve Categorization Process Non-Rated Line (RCP-N) Application Process" for instructions.


1. The Chaplain Corps is seeking applications for cadets interested in becoming an Air Force Chaplain. Chaplains are Religious Ministry Professionals who are trained to provide spiritual care to the Air Force community. Basic requirements to be an active duty chaplain include:

     a. A 72 semester hour graduate degree meeting DoDI 1304.28 Para 3.d. requirements.

     b. Endorsement by an Armed Forces Chaplains Board (AFCB) recognized endorser.

     c. Two years of professional ministry leadership experience.

2. Cadets interested in a future career as a chaplain can transition to the Chaplain Candidate Program upon graduation. They remain a Candidate while earning their qualifying graduate degree. Chaplain Candidates serve as second Lieutenants until both seminary graduation and Ecclesiastical Endorsement requirements have been met. Candidates will then reappoint as a reserve chaplain until the necessary 2 years of professional ministry leadership experience have been obtained. Reserve chaplains can then request transfer to active duty.

3. Applicants are not guaranteed a position as Chaplain Candidates and must be approved for participation by the AFRC Command Chaplain. Applicants must meet two sets of requirements, Chaplain Corps (HC) and Recruiting Service (RS)

4. This ARMS message is releasable to cadets. Cadets should contact their Detachment Cadre with any questions regarding this process and should not contact HQ AFROTC directly.

5. Regions/Detachments, for program related questions please contact program POC. For additional questions, please email HQ AFROTC/RRFP at