CY23-146 AY 23-24 Gold Bar Recruiter Nominations

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  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

1. Solicit nominations for the GBR Program. Nominees must be projected to graduate by Spring CY24 and must commission by 31 May 2024. GBRs are AFROTC’s primary recruiting force for the High School Scholarship program (HSSP) and serve as the focal point for diversity recruiting. Duties include face-to face, email, telephonic, and virtual contact with prospective applicants and influencers to inspire and inform them about AFROTC opportunities. Individuals selected will Enter Active Duty (EAD) on 15 June 2024. If commissioning/graduating on or after this date we will work those applications on a case-by-case basis, these cadets are still encouraged to apply. 

2. Detachments are charged with promoting the program and actively encouraging cadets to apply. There is no limit on the number of cadets each detachment may nominate. Current GBRs have been instructed to reach out to Det’s in their areas to brief AS400 students on GBR objectives, responsibilities, and benefits of
being a GBR. Det CCs will show all cadets the Gold Bar Recruiter Nomination IST attached and located on the ROTC TEAMS RRR – Recruiting Channel under Files.

3. Nomination packages will consist of a Det CC questionnaire (attached), Cadet application/assignment preference questionnaire: (ranking all 28 locations/1=most desired, 28=least desired), and a video wearing any combination of blues uniform. The video may not contain any graphics or visual aids. Videos can be captured using any form of image recording equipment and will be set in an indoor setting. Please ensure high-quality sound that is clear and of adequate volume. Applicant’s full length of body must be on camera for the duration of the video; keep post-production editing to a bare minimum. All videos must be submitted in the MP4 format. During the video the nominee must answer the following questions; Why did you join the Air Force/Space Force? Why do you want to be a Gold Bar Recruiter? Why should AFRS select you to be a Gold Bar recruiter? Place the two files into a new folder under the GBR Dropbox Tab in the folder labeled “AY 23-24 GBR Nominations” on the HQ AFROTC TEAMS RRR-Recruiting Channel. Label the folder “first name. Last name/Det ###”

4. Per CFM these AFSCs are excluded from participating: CSO, ABM, RPA, 19Z, 13H, 13M, 13N, 14N, 15W, 15A, 38P/38F, 64P, 65F.  All USSF AFSCs CAN participate.

5. AFRS manages Gold Bar Recruiter matching assignment locations, locations are matched based on order of merit. Locations are subject to change.

6. All nominations must be submitted NLT 8 Dec 2023.

7. Questions concerning the nomination process should be directed to Capt Shanna Tenney at (719)661-2677 or Capt Christopher Dowlearn at (210) 279-3794