OTS DAY 1 - Launch

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  • Officer Trainees Run Obstacle CourseALL Officer Trainees must be in the local area of Montgomery, AL NLT 11:59 p.m. the day prior to class start date. This will allow for on-time arrival at OTS the following morning.
  • Check with your unit/recruiter for lodging reimbursement. University Inn at Maxwell AFB, 450 LeMay Plaza, Montgomery, AL 36112, can be contacted via website link: https://af.dodlodging.net/propertys/Maxwell-AFB or commercial phone: (334) 953-3931/7544/1690.
  • Trainees will begin parking in the OTS parking lot at 0630.
    • ​Self parking past OTS campus see map to park, See walking route map from parking lot to OTS dorms.
    •  Taxi arrival at dorms, see map.
  • Trainees will report to the dorms with last names beginning with:
  • A - K between 0700-0730
  • L - Z between 0730-0800​
  • NCOA+ Onramp only:  All Trainees will report to dorms between 0700-0730.
  • There is no delayed reporting to OTS, if you do not arrive during the established time, you will not be in-processed.
  • Contact OTS regarding missed/delayed flights or other travel problems. If you have a delayed flight or any travel emergency that is going to keep you from reporting on time, please text (334) 462-4404 with the following information: Name, Airline, Flight Number, and Expected Arrival Time.
  • For base access, arrive at Maxwell Blvd Gate or Maxwell AFB Visitor Center. Show your OTS orders and government ID at the gate. From the Visitor Center it is another 1.5 miles to the OTS main building at 501 LeMay Plaza N. Bldg. 1487, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112.  NOTE: Base taxi number is (334) 953-5038.
  • Late arrivals after 0800 on Day 1 will be subject to dismissal.
  • All trainees will arrive in compliance with grooming standards in accordance with AFI 36-2903 or be subject to dismissal.
    • IAW DAFI 36-2903, Chapter 3, Personal Grooming Standards: All OTs will arrive at OTS with a clean-shaven appearance (no mustaches, no beards except for documented and approved religious accommodations. If a member has an approved shaving waiver – they will report with a clean-shaven face and their waiver will come into effect upon in-processing). Trainees not in DAF standards will be turned away and will not be allowed to in-process.
    • OTs will arrive to the OTS campus wearing a collared shirt (tucked in and buttoned), khaki pants (no capris, jeans, leggings, skirts, or dresses) with belt and athletic shoes with laces tucked in (no dress shoes, sandals, flats, or heels). Arrive with your hydration system assembled and filled with water.
    • NCOA+ Onramp only:  All Trainees will arrive to OTS campus in OCP uniform IAW USAF/USSF uniform requirements.
    • Prohibited: Transition lenses or jewelry (exception: religious medallions and removable wedding rings).
  • Contacts are not authorized for field events. OTs should bring enough lenses, eye glass straps, and cleaning solutions for the duration of training.
  • Individuals requiring dark lenses due to eye surgery must provide a doctor’s note stipulating the conditions of this requirement and will need to report to the OTS Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT) staff upon in-processing for medical profile validation.
  • ​OTs should eat breakfast and ensure they are properly hydrated (including 2 days prior) before arrival. Lunch and dinner will be provided during in-processing.
  • OTS Dining Facility (DFAC) accepts credit and debit cards; however, OTs should have $200 cash (in bills less than $20) available in the event of technical issues and to pay for required Military Ready-to-Eat (MREs) meals.
  • OTS will notify you of any deviations to the arrival process and/or requirements via the email you provided in WINGS.


Trainee Parking and TAXI Arrival
(Follow Green Arrows on below map, not GPS directions)

Google Maps / Apple Maps


Walking Route from Parking Lot to OTS Dorms

Walking Route from Maxwell Inn to OTS Dorms

OTS Walk Path