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Objectives:  Focus Air and Space ISR professionals on winning today, while preparing for tomorrow.  The RTF shall pursue research to discover new and innovative ways to increase operational agility and more fully realize multi-domain integration while examining the Great Power Competition and future National Security Strategy

More specifically, the ISR Task Force should work toward: 

1) Revitalizing integration of ISR at the Squadron Level – Air, Space, and Cyber.

2) Developing Air and Space ISR professionals to lead joint operations, to include evolving composition and training of ISR organizations to deploy as a JTF HQ.

3) Reaching Next Generation ISR Dominance through exploitation of Publically Available Information.

4) Mastering ISR command and control in the multi-domain battlespace; and

5) Transforming the ISR Enterprise to perform automation, machine learning, and deep learning.  

Not only has the technology revolution dramatically changed the ways in which humans and economies interact in the world, it has changed the way militaries can develop and project power.”  Charles Q. Brown, CSAF

Description:  As one of the Air and Space Force’s five enduring core missions, ISR is integral to Global Vigilance and foundational to Global Reach and Global Power.  With the continuing challenges of the 21st Century, it is imperative senior leaders fully leverage the vast array of national capabilities along with those of the Total Force, our sister Services, the Intelligence Community (IC), and our international partners.

Thesis and scope:  The course focuses on Air and Space Forces' ISR capabilities and joint ISR capabilities at the operational-strategic level by critically examining “what to expect,” and “what not to expect,” from intelligence.  Against this backdrop, the course enhances future leader abilities to critically analyze and synthesize ISR capabilities to improve decision making.

The course provides guided study and development of research projects that meet the requirements of this research seminar, supports professional development for Air Command and Staff College and assist larger Air and Space Force requirements.  The final research product is a 3,000+ word research paper.

HAF A2/6 ISR Guidance Memo

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