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  • Think Tank

      19E Think Tank Challenge:  How might we promote the AF within local communities to augment recruiting efforts and strategic presence?Recruiting is every Airman's responsibility. When we wear the uniform in our communities, we are the face of the AF for those around us. In line with that way of thinking, Airmen need to have more resources to
  • Lodging and Finance Information

    **** SOS is NOT the POC for problems with finance. SOS cannot assign fund cites, cut orders, arrange special lodging accommodations, authorize per diem changes, or provide other Defense Travel Services (DTS). Contact your unit training or financial manager. DO NOT contact SOS for lodging, financial, or orders assistance.
  • Welcome to Squadron Officer School

    The Squadron Officer School (SOS) in-residence program is a 6.5 week educational experience for USAF captains. The purpose of the program is to help develop solution-minded, bold and courageous Airmen ready to overcome today's and tomorrow's challenges. In order to accomplish this task, the course is structured around four primary areas (1)
  • Eligibility Requirements

    ELIGIBLITY REQUIREMENTS ANNOUNCEMENT BLUF: Deadline for Exception to Policy (ETP) packages for SOS Class 19D shall be 0730 Central Standard Time (CST) 21 Dec 2018.  The "end enrollment" deadline for SOS Class 19D shall be 0730 CST 3 Jan 2019.Due to the Holidays, AETC down days and SOS Min Manning the following
  • Inbound Students

     Contact us
  • Guard, Reserve, and Civilian Information

    Nomination*** SOS does NOT play a role in the nomination process or hold slots to attend in-residence. AFPC allocates quotas to each MAJCOM, FOA, and DRU proportional to the number of eligible officers assigned.  MAJCOMs, FOAs, or DRUs may reallocate quotas and delegate to subordinate units the responsibility of designating the most qualified
  • Blackboard Helpdesk Page

    IN-RESIDENCE STUDENTS OF SOS SOC Blackboard Location: SOC.blackboard.comLogin/username and password: FIRST.LAST.SOS (unless notified otherwise)Example: john.smith.sosIn some cases you may have a number after your last name (firstname.lastname1.sos).*NOTE:  Student Blackboard accounts will not be available until
  • Squadron Officer School Heritage

    Squadron Officer School (SOS) can trace its roots to Air Corps Tactical School (ACTS), which was founded in 1920 at Langley Field, Virginia, and subsequently relocated to Maxwell Field, Alabama, in July 1931. The former ACTS was the cornerstone for all Air Force officer education. In terms of junior officer education, however, Squadron Officer
  • Squadron Officer School (SOS) Outreach

    SOC is committed to outreach and forming partnerships that extend internationally. Below is a map of the current partnerships with SOS. If you would like more information or if you would like to form a partnership please e-mail SOS Outreach. Feel free to review and like our Facebook page Squadron Officer College Facebook Page. Redpants outreach."I

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