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  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Oscar Castro

    “LEAP is a phenomenal program that cultivates a passion for language and cultural diversity and allows one to put our inherent skills to good use to propel missions to success. The array of opportunities and people you will meet is too vast to describe; it is honestly a hidden gem, and I couldn’t be happier on my decision to join LEAP," Spanish LEAP Scholar Maj. Oscar Castro said.
  • Connecting the Dots for the Korean Marine Exchange Program

    As a Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar, I had a unique opportunity to participate in the Korean Marine Exchange Program 23-1 as an interpreter. KMEP, a regularly scheduled training exercise between U.S. Marine Corps and ROK Marine Corps, featured bilateral training between the 3d Maintenance Battalion and 1st Maintenance Battalion.
  • Building Partner Capacity in Romania with Language Support

    Language, regional expertise, and culture skills are key to enabling Agile Combat Employment in Air Force missions. When the Air Force Office of Special Investigations needed language support for critical operations in Romania, Master Sgt. Christina Bennett, a Romanian Scholar in the Air Force’s Language Enabled Airman Program, answered the call.
  • Remembering The Lost Neighborhood of Douglassville at Maxwell Air Force Base

    When mentioning “the City of Douglassville,” many people think about Douglassville, Penn., or Douglasville, Ga. However, very few individuals are aware of the forgotten community of Douglassville in Alabama, an African American neighborhood historically located where Maxwell Air Force Base currently exists.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Master Sgt. Lisa Shurling

    “LEAP has made my career in the Air Force more enjoyable and has been one of the factors that have kept me in the Force. The fact that the Air Force cares enough to provide the tools I need to maintain and further develop my second language is something I value and appreciate very deeply," Spanish LEAP Scholar Master Sgt. Lisa Shurling said.
  • LEAP Chapter Spotlight: Yokota Air Base

    Language-enabled service members at Air Force and joint bases worldwide connect at their local bases through LEAP Chapters. For example, LEAP Scholars stationed at Yokota Air Base in Japan have recently established a LEAP Chapter at their base.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Cara Fitzgerald

    “LEAP has prepared me for future Air Force utilization, working with NATO partners such as Belgium and the Netherlands and partners in SOUTHCOM," Dutch LEAP Scholar Capt. Cara Fitzgerald said.
  • Language and Culture: Key Enablers of Agile Combat Employment

    A new video developed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center illustrates the vital integration of language, regional expertise, and culture skills as key enablers of Agile Combat Employment.
  • AFCLC Develops multi capable Airmen through isolated immersions

    The National Defense Strategy calls for the development of multi-capable Airmen who are postured for integration with allies and partners and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy Agile Combat Employment. The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s isolated immersion program is one tool used to answer that call.
  • Air Force language supports strengthens global health alliance with African partners

    Mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships are an enduring U.S. strength and are critical to achieving United States Air Force objectives. French Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar Master Sgt. Dieudonne Batawila recently supported the Office of the Command Surgeon USAFE-AFAFRICA in strengthening partnerships with 27 African partner nations through the global health engagement hosted by the African Partnership Outbreak Response Alliance, or APORA.
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    DoD Vision
    The Department will have the required combination of language skills, regional expertise and cultural capabilities to meet current and projected needs.

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    Enhance partner interoperability and adversary understanding in Airmen through language, regional expertise, and culture education.

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    The “Air Force’s Global Classroom”

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