Air Force Culture and Language Center Air Force's Global Classroom

Selected Courses and Curricula Offered

Cross-Cultural Competence curricula:

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), undergraduate online course, 45 contact hours, 2010-2020. Led 2017-2020 by Dr Susan Steen.

Introduction to Culture, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), undergraduate online course, 45 contact hours, 2011-2020. Dr Patricia Fogarty.

Cross-Cultural Awareness & Diversity, Eaker Center for Continuing Education, invited lecture, 2014-2015. Dr Patricia Fogarty.

Skills for Cross-Cultural Partnership Building, Squadron Officer College (SOC), elective lecture, 2012-2013. Drs Patricia Fogarty and Jennifer Tucker.


Elective courses offered at Air War College (AWC) and/or Air Command and Staff College (ACSC):

Power, Identity, and Security in the African Postcolony. ACSC/AWC. Dr Scott Edmondson.

Cultural Property Protection and Heritage in Conflict. ACSC/AWC. Dr Scott Edmondson.

Contending with Corruption: Perspectives on Corruption & Anti-Corruption Initiatives. AWC/ACSC, 2015-2020. Dr Patricia Fogarty

Women’s Movements and Changing Roles of Gender in the Arab, Muslim Middle East. AWC. Dr Kristin Hissong.

Sectarian and Minority Identities: moving beyond ‘sectarianism’. AWC. Dr Kristin Hissong.

The Modern Middle East: Transitions and Conflicts. AWC. Dr Kristin Hissong.

The Politics of Islamic Struggle. AWC. Dr Kristin Hissong.

Dilemmas of Global Basing. AWC/ACSC, 2018-2020. Dr Jessica Jordan.

Resurgence of the Far Right in Europe. AWC/ACSC, 2017-2020. Dr Elizabeth Peifer.

Legacies of Empire and War in the Asia-Pacific. AWC/ACSC, 2018. Dr Jessica Jordan.

Cross-Cultural Challenges of Working with Non-Military Organizations. ACSC, 2014-2015. Dr Patricia Fogarty


Senior Leader Region and Culture curricula:

General Officer Predeployment Acculturation Course (GOPAC). Middle East, CENTCOM, 2010-2020. Led in 2018-2020 by Dr Kristin Hissong.

Commander’s Pre-Assignment Acculturation Course (COMPAC). Asia Pacific, INDOPACOM, 2017-2020. Led by Dr Jessica Jordan.

COMPAC. Africa, AFRICOM, 2020. Led by Dr Scott Edmondson.

COMPAC. Europe, EUCOM, 2019. Led by Dr Elizabeth Peifer.


Specialized LREC trainings developed for other audiences, such as:

US Mission Observer Group, 2017-2020

Office of Special Investigations, 2020



Exercise support:

BLUE FLAG/Joint Warfighting Assessment. 2018. Cultural property and heritage protection scenarios. 

BLUE FLAG. 2019. Cultural property and heritage protection scenario. 


Core courses offered at ACSC or AWC:

Foundations of Strategy. AWC, 2020. Drs Jessica Jordan and Elizabeth Peifer.

Regional Security Studies, Middle East, incl. field study to Tunisia and Jordan. AWC, 2019. Dr Kristin Hissong.

Regional and Cultural Studies, Middle East, incl. field study to Israel/Palestine and Algeria. AWC, 2018. Dr Kristin Hissong.

Regional and Cultural Studies, West Africa, incl. field study to Ghana and Burkina Faso. AWC, 2018. Dr Scott Edmondson.

Regional and Cultural Studies, SE Europe, incl. field study to Romania and Moldova. AWC, 2018. Dr Patricia Fogarty.

Cultural & Regional Studies/International Security Studies, ACSC, 2013-2017. Drs Scott Edmondson, Patricia Fogarty, Angelle Khachadoorian, Susan Steen.


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