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The Air Force Culture and Language Center debuts new website

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  • By Jasmine Bourgeois, AFCLC Outreach Team

On November 29, the Air Force Culture and Language Center debuted its new website which is now hosted by the American Forces Public Information Management System (AFPIMS).

The Center currently maintains its URL. The change comes as AFCLC moves to reorganize its content and align with other Department of Defense public websites, including Air University’s website. The Center’s IT Department worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition.  

“We are excited to reveal how AFCLC is evolving its web presence,” said Andy Hobbs, Information Technology Support Division Lead at the Air Force Culture and Language Center. “Our team has worked with Air University staff to transition AFCLC’s current ‘’ website to the DoD Public Web (DoDPW) program. This program supports the flagship websites for DoD, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and over 740 military and DoD websites. With AFPIMS, AFCLC can easily utilize common thematic elements from other DoD websites. We also gain the ability to quickly share our content across all other AFPIMS websites, as well as pull content directly onto ours. Our external messaging will be streamlined as well due to direct YouTube embedding and live feed modules that integrate both Facebook and Twitter. Finally, part of this transition involves domain change from .mil to .edu, which is much more widely available to our worldwide user base”.

To view the site and learn more about AFCLC, visit

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