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  • AFCLC: Using Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture to Change the World

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center was officially born to fulfill a vision of a successful marriage of culture education and language training to deliberately develop within the General Purpose Force self-motivated, cross-culturally competent, and language-enabled service members with

  • AFCLC Consultant Spotlight: Dr. Dan Uribe

    After a 34-year career serving in the United States Air Force, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Dan Uribe recently retired and brought his knowledge, experience, and expertise to the Air Force Culture and Language Center as a consultant focused on the SOUTHCOM area of responsibility.

  • LEAP Scholars Represent 72% of 2022 FAO Selects

    The 16F/16Z Development Team boarded and selected 39 officers for deliberate development and re-core as FAOs. Of the 39 selectees, 28 are LEAP Scholars, a 72% selection rate from LEAP.

  • AFCLC Completes First SOUTHCOM PAC

    In March, the Air Force Culture and Language Center completed its first Pre-Assignment Acculturation Course for U.S. Southern Command or SOUTHCOM. PACs are designed to prepare Air Force general officers, group commanders/senior staff officers, and command chiefs for key overseas operational and

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Ramon Mangles-Manco

    “I think the professionalism, development, and readiness skills I’ve gained through LEAP are paramount. If I didn’t have this training, I wouldn’t have been ready for working in SOUTHCOM with different partner nations throughout the AOR to build mutually beneficial relationships,” Spanish LEAP

  • LEAP Scholars Build Partner Interoperability with African Partners

    Eleven Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars accomplished the charge of building partner interoperability with our African nation partners through language support that aided the 435th Air Expeditionary Wing and 409th Air Expeditionary Group with enhancing water sustainment at Nigerien Air Base

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. James Beard

    “LEAP has impacted both my personal life and my professional life in the Air Force. It has made me keep up with my French; I really try to stay engaged with it and study on my own. It’s amazing how many different places I’ve used the language skills I’ve gained in LEAP," French LEAP Scholar Maj.

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