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The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s LEADeR data system available on commercial and military networks

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  • By AFCLC's Outreach Team, Jasmine Bourgeois

As thousands of service members and Department of Defense employees telework amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Air Force Culture and Language Center is making one its site more accessible across all networks.

 Known as LEADeR or the Language Enabled Airman Development Resource, LEADeR stores language scores, immersion, in-region training, and education records for the Foreign Area Officers, the Language Enabled Airman participants, and other language speakers in the Air Force. The center’s database is a training management and file sharing system used to track the language and region training for more than 3,500 Airmen.

As of 25 March, LEADeR has been updated and is now available on commercial and military networks. The updated link is: The link prompts your Air Force Portal login information and redirects you to LEADeR. As long as you have your Common Access Card (CAC), you should be able to access LEADeR anywhere.

The transition to this new website has been years in the making and is very timely considering the current telework requirements across the DoD. The previous website ( will still be available until 30 April and will display a notice directing you to the new server.

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