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  • LEAP Chapter Spotlight: Kadena Air Base

    Language-enabled service members at Air Force and joint bases worldwide connect at their local bases through LEAP Chapters. For example, the LEAP Chapter at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, also known as the “Shogun LEAP Chapter,” connects members of the Language Enabled Airman Program with

  • LEAP Spotlight: Master Sgt. Patrick Singson

    “LEAP brought me closer to home and provided me with more leadership tools and skill sets. I instantly established a long-term personal and working relationship with our Philippine Armed Forces counterparts. Recently, I had the opportunity to utilize my language to be part of planning conferences

  • Congratulations to LEAP Scholars Promoted to Colonel

    Congratulations to the LEAP Scholars and Foreign Area Officers who were recently promoted to the rank of Colonel in four Line of the Air Force developmental categories: Cross Functional Operations; Combat Support; Nuclear and Missile Operations; and Air Operations and Special Warfare.

  • AFCLC: Using Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture to Change the World

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center was officially born to fulfill a vision of a successful marriage of culture education and language training to deliberately develop within the General Purpose Force self-motivated, cross-culturally competent, and language-enabled service members with

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Mark Poppler

    “The skills I’ve learned through LEAP of integrating into various other cultures is the biggest thing I use in my everyday mission. It allows me to better understand the motivations, views, and customs of people I interact with to effectively communicate and work with people in general," French LEAP

  • LEAP Scholars Strengthen Language Skills with New eMersion Training Course

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center launched a new initiative to maximize language development and training opportunities for members of the Language Enabled Airman Program. This new course, known as an eMersion, combines online eMentor sessions with Language Intensive Training Event

  • LEAP to FAO Spotlight: Maj. Logan Barlow

    “Being a FAO, I utilize my LREC skillset along with operational relevance to engage with our bilateral partners regularly; but you don’t have to be a FAO to do that. Being good at your tactical skill set, and having LREC skills, empowers Airmen to be more lethal as a force. To remain tactically

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