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LEAP Spotlight: Maj Sofia Ciro

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"The Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) is more than just a program to me. It is being part of an elite community inside the Air Force. I learn and develop personally and professionally every day and can contribute to the Air Force's mission in a unique way. From being an instructor and flight commander at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) (2011-2014) to teaching Spanish at the United States Air Force Academy as an adjunct professor while also working at admissions (2017-2019), and being selected via Air Force Institute of Technology Civilian Institution Program for a Ph.D. program in Culture Literacy and Language at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) (2019-present), I truly owe this path to LEAP. Additionally, LEAP staff, as well as fellow scholars believe in me, support me, and allow me to mentor and collaborate. This program has truly been an investment and given me multiple cross-training opportunities. I am one of the fortunate LEAP scholars to have capitalized on two languages, Spanish and Portuguese. My goal is to put together research and have the honor to present during the AFCLC and Air University's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture symposium in the future.

This photo of me at UTSA on the day of graduate school orientation (Fall 2019) represents the beginning of my current assignment as an AFIT CI student. This picture includes my children who are my pride and joy. I am raising them first and foremost to be multicultural bilinguals. For me, this shows that LEAP not only has an impact on the way I serve our nation but also in the way I strengthen culture and language legacy for my family and my community".

-LEAP scholar Maj Sofia Ciro-

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