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LEAP Officer and Enlisted Selectees to be Announced via PSDM on 8 October

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LEAP Officer and Enlisted Selectees to be
Announced via PSDM on 8 October

The Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) virtually hosted the 2020 Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) Officer and Enlisted Selection Boards, 18-21 August 2020. Board members scored 680 applications based on language learning, cross-cultural competency, service utilization goals, academics, and job performance. The Air Force Senior Language Authority approved 304 service members for selection as LEAP scholars. Selectees will be officially announced via a Personnel Services Delivery Memorandum (PSDM) on 8 October. Service members may access/search for 2020 PSDMs on myPers at

LEAP deliberately develops language-enabled, cross-culturally competent service members across General Purpose Force specialties to enhance the application of air and space power and fill global mission requirements. LEAP selects willing and able Airmen and Space Professionals who exhibit demonstrated ability and commitment, develops and sustains Language Regional Expertise and Culture skills throughout a career, and postures them for utilization in assignments, contingencies, and deployments.

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